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Saskia Vrielink

HathaVinyasaYin,  Yin Yang

During Saskia’s travels through the Himalayas as a tourguide, she learned more about Buddhism and Vipassana meditation. This was a trigger, an invitation to search for the silent place within herself instead of focusing only on the outside world. By practicing yoga she started an endless journey moving from ignorance towards a more conscious being. Freedom through connection and unity. This lifelong journey she likes to share during her classes.

Saskia has completed a Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga trainings over the past years (200h Vinyasa Flow at Yoga Garden (2014), 50h Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training (2014).
Teachers that inspire Saskia are Johan Noorloos, Marcel van de Vis, Heil Anat Geiger, José de Groot.
Over the years Saskia has followed many workshops and retreats from e.g. 
Elleke van Kraalingen, Skadi Paaschen, Oona Giesen, Perumal Koshy, Suzan van de Roemer, Kevin Sahaj, Katiza Satja, Tijn Touber, José Antonio Manchado and completed 4 Vipassana 10-day courses.

Saskia’s purpose is to connect. Connect with herself. Connect with others. Inspire other people to connect with themselves. During her yoga & meditation classes she invites silence and awareness from where you can experience deeper connections. Connection is what gives our lives direction and meaning. If you are not connected to who you are in essence, if you are not in contact with your own feelings then it’s impossible to make connection with the world around you. By practicing yoga & meditation you create space to feel, you’ll learn to go back from your head to your heart. Heart connection. You’ll train a balanced mind full of love and compassion. On your mat but also when you step off your mat into your daily life.

Breathe it all in. Love it all out.

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