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Satya Katiza

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Satya Katiza is a yogini in heart and soul. She is An experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (ERYT500-RYT 500) and licensed to certify students at the 200 & 500 hour levels. Satya has in depth knowledge of Vipassana and Mindfulness meditation, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Yin and yoga as a way of life. Her friendly personality, contagious enthusiasm and warm heart inspire her students to getting the best out of themselves.

Since 1983 Satya Katiza has studied with a great number of prominent teachers and masters in Europe, the U.S. and India. She was greatly inspired by Tibetan masters Namkhai Norbu Rimpoche, Sri Ramana Maharishi, her guru H.W.I. Poonja (Papaji), Dalai Lama, B.K.S. Iyengar, Guruji Pattabi Jois, Vipassana teacher S.N. Goenka, Parahamsa Nithyananda, Richard Freeman, Clive Sheridan, Sarah Powers, Lama Tsultrim Allione, Dona Holleman and Orit Sen Gupta.

Satya Katiza leads retreats, workshops, immersions, trainings and courses throughout Europe, Asia and South America. She is partner, senior teacher and spiritual leader at Delight Yoga. Want to know when her teachings take place?


Satya's schedule for 2020:

Life Bliss: A 5-day Chakra Healing Home Program - Online
Starting on 26 August 2020 - Online

Academy Yoga | Open Day & Masterclass | Yoga Teacher Training
3 September 2020 - Online

Women’s Circle: Healing the Womb Ceremony 
4 September 2020 - Online

The Essentials of Yoga - Pre Teacher Training (21-day home training)
Starting on 05 September 2020 - Online

Special Sunday Satsang
Starting on 11 October 2020 - Online

Sva Dharma Family Gathering
16 October 2020 - Online

Introduction to the Mind Retreat 
17 October 2020 - Online

Special Sunday Satsang
Starting on 18 October 2020 - Online

The Heart Retreat 
POSTPONED TO: 30 October - 8 November in Mandali, Italy

The Mind Retreat
POSTPONED TO: 1-10 January 2021 in Mandali, Italy

The Essentials of Yoga : Pre Teacher Training (50 hrs)
Starting on 14 November 2020 in Amsterdam

Satsang Intensive Weekend
Starting on 27 November 2020




All workshops

Women's Circle

With Satya Katiza

24 September 2021

We are happy to open the doors in a more consistent way, offering a sacred space and sharing time to the fact that we are finding a way to live consciously and making a difference in our realities and the world we are in.   With good intentions, we enter the path of Yoga, inner growth, inner reflection, and much more.


€ 25

Sacred Menopause - Online

With Satya Katiza

26 September 2021

Join Satya as she guides you through the sacred and transitional period, for every woman, that is menopause.   ⚭ A Sacred Initiation Every woman goes through a number of transitions in her life, like maidenhood, menarche (first menstruation), sometimes pregnancy, and menopause. They are sacred initiations in which women are invited to take new steps in their personal and spiritual growth.


€ 35

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