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Savitry Duran

Astanga LedHatha,  Restorative

Savitry has been on a path of self-discovery since an early age but it was not until she found Yoga in 2002 that she was able to really understand the power that a steady and devoted practice can bring to one’s life. The capacity we have as human beings to find inner peace, health and the wisdom to truly transform ourselves became evident during the years of personal practice and that is what she is always thrilled to teach and share. She gives her heart in every class, teaches based on her own life experiences and years of Yoga and Ayurveda study in the tradition of Sri Krishnamacharya. Her main practices have been Ashtanga Mysore style, Restorative Yoga, Ayurveda, Chanting and Yoga Nidra. In 2009 Savitry wrote a research paper on Yoga for Adrenal Burn-out and received her 200 hours Teacher Training certification. She is currently very much focused on the applied therapeutic aspects of Yoga for individuals with certain health concerns or needs and pursuing her Yoga Therapy degree.

On a more personal note, besides her love for Yoga, she has a beautiful and spirited little daughter with her soulmate and best friend, a native South-American naturalized Dutch, trained as business engineer, active nature lover, health activist and very fond of conscious cooking. Namasté!

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