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Shirley Woods

Meditation,  Pranayama

Shirley studies, practices and teaches Yoga in her studio Innerspace in Amsterdam. She was introduced to Astanga Yoga over ten years ago and now studies Vijnana Yoga (practicing from inside) with Orit Sen-Gupta. Orit introduced her to the completeness of practicing the yogic disciplines of sitting, pranayama, asana and study. For the past several years she has been a student of Georg Feuerstein.

Moving towards effortless effort is a main theme in teaching and practice, both on and off the mat. It is a concept that appears frequently in the history and philosophy of Yoga. One of Shirley’s main goals is to inspire students to go further into the traditional texts on their own, and to apply this in their Yoga practice and daily life.

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Wisdom in Business - Meditation workshop

With Maarten van Huijstee

02 April 2017

Welcome to Wisdom in Business, a platform to empower business and creative leaders to handle the rising stress levels, increasing demand for innovation and ongoing societal instability.



The Pranayama Journey

With Arno Nistal Ten Veen

03 June 2017

Typically, we only use 30 percent of our full breathing potential. Because our breath is connected to prana (or life-force), this results in a continuous lack of energy. Additionally, 70 percent of our detox processes happen through our breath.