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Simone Charles


It was in Cottesloe Beach, Perth, West Australia that Simone’s yoga journey started. She learned to take a look in her own interior world. Simone still hears the voice of her teacher in the back of her mind: “Keep into yoga”. Now she has found a sacred place within herself and radiates it out to others. 

Simone was trained in Ashtanga yoga in 2000 by Lewanna Janine Newman in Australia.
From 2003-2010 she followed master classes by international  Body Balance trainers in the Netherlands. She did a 3 years' classic Hatha Yoga training (2010-2013) and Yoga for Kids training (2012) at Fiore Osmose Yoga, The Hague, with main teacher Drs. B. Fretz. In 2015 she followed sessions with Vijay Gopala, Yoga Gita in Scheveningen.

The function of body and mind of man in general and the influence of the environment inspire Simone.  Her intention is to create and style a sacred place within ourselves and beyond. “Peace and happiness in the world can only happen when we start it from our own interior world and radiate it out to others”.

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