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Sophie Brokmann

For the past two years Sophie worked in a law firm. It was an intense period for her in which she gained much experience on a professional and personal level. Yoga and meditation have taught her to stay in touch with her inner self. This personal development has created a new perspective on life: living from the heart in the now.

She has come to realise that yoga goes beyond physical exercise and also applies to daily life: finding a balance between yin and yang which is an ongoing challenge in our society. She has developed a holistic approach to life and the impact of yoga on people around her and herself inspires her. She loves to share this inspiration with others at Delight. Working at Delight is a logical next to step for her: “from making a living into creating a life”.

Sophie is intrigued by the human anatomy and physiology and the energetic aspect of yin yoga. She therefore plans to participate in the yin yoga teacher training. Besides, she is developing her entrepreneurial skills in the food industry. She loves kite surfing and the sea, has an open and enthusiastic personality and enjoys people with a good sense of humor.

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