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Sophie Fleur Jongebloed


Sophie Fleur has a gift for connecting people with themselves ('we are the company we keep’ - my teacher Deborah Claire Bagg) and others. On the mat and around the dinner table. She is a libra, food writer, lemon lover, and yoga teacher. 


Sophie Fleur first discovered yoga at Delight, back in 2012. The serene experience of space, the subtle graceful movement of the human body, and its mystic history she experienced there, instantly restored something within Sophie Fleur. At age nineteen however, in the middle of her studies art history- it took some playful experimenting before she was able to let go of the urge of asana perfection. Poetry helped and became her mantra, especially these lines written by Mary Oliver: ‘you do not have to be good. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves’.


It was Ashtanga yoga under the guidance of Delight’s Eva, Sasha, Veronica, and many international teachers such as Eddie Stern, Dylan Bernstein, Kamal Singh, and Lino Miele that eventually made her connect to her body and mind in a new benevolent way. In 2015 she spontaneously canceled her return flight to join a TTC with Vijay Amar in India. For the first time she understood how breathing, was absolutely everything in yoga, and when synchronized with movement could finally make those hard and demanding voices in her mind soften. She realized there is no fear of failure when you see life as a continuous practice. Sophie Fleur teaches soothing yoga nidra classes and structured vinyasa journeys, preparing you for the ultimate peak pose: life off the mat. 


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