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Stephanie de Rooij

Stephanie began her exploration with yoga in 2004, aged 14. Achieving high goals on a young age, she mainly learned how to connect with the outer world that left her feeling burnt-out. Yoga showed her how to live life that feels good on the inside. Not just looks good on the outside. After her first vipassana in 2013 she committed to sharing the bliss she felt and dove deeper into yoga philosophy: weaving western knowledge together with eastern experience. She is an avid traveller, doing her first teacher training in Goa, India (2015) where she experienced the most pure form of yoga. During her 300H at Yoga Moves in 2017, everything fell into place. She discovered she could make a difference by sharing her knowledge and deep interest for finding balance in busy city life. So whenever you don’t find her at the studio, she will be doing research on, writing about and giving workshops on how to thrive wholeheartedly in urban surroundings.

‘Ego says: once everything falls into place, I find peace. Spirit says: when I find peace, everything will fall into place.’


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