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Tabita Orsel


One of Tabita's greatest gifts is that she has never lost touch with her inner children which makes her able to connect with even the youngest students. Effortlessly she lets them tune into their hearts and bodies in a playful way. She is trained by Patty Jongemaets and has experience for years in teaching children’s yoga in her private practice, at schools and day cares. To see these little ones open up gives her tremendous joy.

Her experience does not only include children’s yoga. Tabita is a qualified healing massage therapist and full-time yin-yoga teacher. She is trained by the School of Life, completed the 3-year transformative yoga teaching program with Ganga Hoogendoorn inlcuding six weeks of yoga and meditation in India, did the 200-hrs yin-yoga training by Johan Noorloos and attended many other courses and workshops.

The pure and warm hearted teachings of Mooji are a source of inspiration as well as the serene energy of yogi Sri Ramana Maharshi. Through teaching yoga Tabita invites her students to reconnect with their body and use it as an indicator to feel the healing power of the heart which everybody carries within them.

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