Yoga team

Meet the people behind Delight Yoga

Delight Yoga Staff - Biljana (Billy) Köse

Biljana (Billy) Köse

Let’s start in the present, THE NOW, as that is her reality! Starting at Delight yoga brings her smiles and sparkles. These are some of her characteristics that she loves sharing with other yogis and yoginis – a smile for any situation.

Delight Yoga Staff - Isabell Johansson

Isabell Johansson

Isabell was born in the countryside of Sweden and later moved to Stockholm. She now works as the Financial Administrator at Delight Yoga.   As a child, she was very spiritual and had a strong feeling of connection. This sense of awareness faded over the years, but Yoga has brought her closer to this little girl again and her way of looking at life. And for that, she’s truly grateful.

Delight Yoga Staff - Jasper Brandsen

Jasper Brandsen

The study Industrial Design which had brought Jasper in 2008 to Delft, failed to give him the satisfaction he was looking for. In 2013 Zen Meditation made him return to the trail of what would bring him much closer to himself. It was the introduction to yoga not long after, that everything fell into place.

Delight Yoga Staff - Joo Hee Lee

Joo Hee Lee

Born in South-Korea, raised in Amsterdam. From a young age she felt a sense of wonder about the human experience in this curious place called “earth”. She studied social sciences and travelled the globe, but it was wisdom in yoga that helped her to make sense of life.

Delight Yoga Staff - Joost Leeflang

Joost Leeflang

As humans, we inherently look for a sense of belonging in our lives; we want to feel connected to each other and ourselves. The pursuit of this connection is a fundamental part of our human experience and reveals itself in the formation of communities. Through my experience, I learned that people thrive with other people and collectively they hold the power to transform any vision into reality.

Delight Yoga Staff - Judith Manshanden

Judith Manshanden

"I believe it is time for the next step in our human consciousness, where connection and trust are the starting point. I also believe that organizations play an important role in this transition. I believe Delight is a wonderful example of an organization where our employees as well as our students can learn how to grow their consciousness and expand their inner peace."

Delight Yoga Staff - Katka Jacz

Katka Jacz

Katka discovered yoga quite unexpectedly. While taking time off and traveling after her studies she found herself on a Caribbean beach in an impromptu yoga class, and immediately knew that something had shifted in her life forever. 

Delight Yoga Staff - Maarten van Huijstee

Maarten van Huijstee

Maarten is first and foremost a human being and proud father to Philip and Alexander and dedicated husband to Anna. Despite his diverse career in marketing and advertising, founding a few companies, and an extensive list of chairs on numerous boards and committees, there has always been one thing Maarten’s heart has consistently been trying to tell him..

Delight Yoga Staff - Manda Oleary

Manda Oleary

Manda's relationship with movement begin at the age of three... She used ballet and modern dance as a way to experiment and express herself as she traveled through her youth.

Delight Yoga Staff - Marlot van Laren

Marlot van Laren

Marlot was born as youngest of three in Den Bosch in 1990. Ever since she can remember she followed her intuition. This made her quit her job as a production manager in Fashion, and led her to exploring the world of the Veda and Yoga in India.

Delight Yoga Staff - Mateo Hamann

Mateo Hamann

Mateo Hamann was born in 1997 in New York. From early on, he was experimenting with photo and video cameras, growing up in a world of images and sounds, a lot of travelling, and three languages.

Delight Yoga Staff - Myrna Captijn

Myrna Captijn

To live is to dance. Intuitively moving, truthfully expressing, curiously exploring, spontaneously connecting. Seriously - is there any difference?   The search for truth, authenticity and reality as we are all familiar with, started for Myrna at a very young age, mainly coming to expression in her love for music and dance.

Delight Yoga Staff - Patty Louise Smit

Patty Louise Smit

Patty is a passionate yogini with a creative and analytical mind. She studied arts & cultural marketing and now works as a marketeer for Delight Yoga.   For Patty, yoga is about cultivating love, compassion and awareness for yourself, for others and the world around you. Her yoga practice reminds her to trust and let go, to embrace the beauty of change and that it is okay to just be.  

Delight Yoga Staff - Ratna Adam

Ratna Adam

Meeting deadlines, working long hours and constantly pitching new ideas. As much as Ratna loved her challenging job as a marketing manager, she realized putting her work ahead of everything else wasn’t going to make her happy eventually. To boost her energy and find serenity she started doing yoga.

Delight Yoga Staff - Royce Benda

Royce Benda

Who am I? At a young age Royce knew his heart wish was to serve all beings. Struggling with how to implement this in every day life, he found that to truly help others, he first needed to listen to his own heart. Through experience Royce learned how easy it is to outrun yourself and ended up in a burnout in 2010.

Delight Yoga Staff - Sandra (Sunny) Hipeli

Sandra (Sunny) Hipeli

Sandra (Sunny) Hipeli was born in Amsterdam but grew up in Germany, returning to her birth country in 2006. She had been practicing yoga in Amsterdam already for a while when she found Delight Yoga in 2011. And she hasn’t left us since!

Delight Yoga Staff - Sarah Mead

Sarah Mead

Sarah was born in Haarlem on a tropical summer day in late August. She’s finishing her 'navigating death' master thesis Spiritual Care at the VU faculty Theology & Religious Studies to become a spiritual caretaker.

Delight Yoga Staff - Satya Katiza

Satya Katiza

Satya Katiza is a yogini in heart and soul. She is An experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (ERYT500-RYT 500) and licensed to certify students at the 200 & 500 hour levels.

Delight Yoga Staff - Sophia Hengelbrok

Sophia Hengelbrok

“We're fascinated by the words--but where we meet is in the silence behind them.” - Ram Dass Born in Switzerland to a German mother and an American father, Sophia's childhood was spent in constant motion.

Delight Yoga Staff - Sophie Peeters

Sophie Peeters

After working in the creative field for some years, Sophie felt it was time for something else. She booked a ticket to Portugal to learn more about ‘living with less’. After one year spending most of her time watching the process of nature, practicing yoga and meditation, she realised this was something to hold on to. Delight Yoga could not cross her path at a better time when she returned back to the city. ‘Everything we are looking for is already there or coming our way, we just need to trust and keep our eyes open’.

Delight Yoga Staff - Wessel Paternotte

Wessel Paternotte

Wessel, born and raised in Amsterdam, found peace in the hustle and bustle of the big city. From childhood on, he was interested in spirituality and martial arts. After years of practice and study, be became Reiki Master in 2006. That same year he opened Delight Studio, a space for healing, meditation and yoga.