Yoga team

Meet the people behind Delight Yoga

Delight Yoga Staff - Maarten van Huijstee

Maarten van Huijstee

After traveling the world for a year, Maarten ended up in India, where he had his first introduction to meditation and yoga. After having returned to the Netherlands, he started working in South Africa for his first job as brand manager at Unilever. Due to his passion for surfing, Maarten got up early every morning to ride the waves.

Delight Yoga Staff - Malai Berg

Malai Berg

After a hectic period as Operations Manager at various international advertising agencies Malai has now directed her energy into Yoga and Meditation. With a long background in martial arts, she has a deep passion for physical and mental balance; Meditation and Yoga now provides this balance.

Delight Yoga Staff - Noortje Schrijver

Noortje Schrijver

Her hate-love affair with yoga is still there, even after 7 years of practicing. It stays a confrontation, time and time again. To be conscious about the unconscious and becoming an honoring-the-present ‘you’. For her yoga is more and more a beautiful and limitless ‘tool’ to access our true nature.

Delight Yoga Staff - Sophie Brokmann

Sophie Brokmann

For the past two years Sophie worked in a law firm. It was an intense period for her in which she gained much experience on a professional and personal level. Yoga and meditation have taught her to stay in touch with her inner self. This personal development has created a new perspective on life: living from the heart in the now.

Delight Yoga Staff - Wessel Paternotte

Wessel Paternotte

Wessel, born and raised in Amsterdam, found peace in the hustle and bustle of the big city. From childhood on, he was interested in spirituality and martial arts. After years of practice and study, be became Reiki Master in 2006. That same year he opened Delight Studio, a space for healing, meditation and yoga.

Delight Yoga Staff - Yvonne Limburg

Yvonne Limburg

Yvonne’s quest for answers to life’s big questions started in the ‘70s with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho). She visited his ashrams in India and the United States, where she experienced her first satori.