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Tessa Schiebroek

Hatha,  Hatha & Pranayama

While traveling Asia in 2014, Tessa experienced her first Yoga class and immediately fell in love. Her journey within started and questions like 'who am I and what makes me going?' came up. She constantly got confronted with the fact that things just happen, and that she responds out of old habits and patterns. Do you know this feeling of wanting to take charge of your own life? To let go of old stuff that does not serve you anymore? While Tessa is learning ancient knowledge from different masters, and following her teachers Satya & Sahaj, Tessa experienced herself that Yoga can be a great tool to this universal problem. And she made it her mission to guide others in their own search for life itself.

Over the past years, Tessa went to India several times, lived in ashrams, started her first basic 250h Ashtanga Teacher training at Delight Yoga Amsterdam, traveled the world and started to pass on the knowledge she received herself by giving yoga classes. First teaching friends, family and the volunteers she worked with. Later on she worked at a Yoga Retreat Center in Portugal and at Sadhaka retreat center in France. Sadhaka is where she experienced Tantra Yoga for the first time, in 2015. Tessa felt at home as Tantra provides a beautiful space to connect with herself through others. But as Tessa is eager to keep on learning, she subscribed for a Hatha Teacher Training with Miluse van Kant, to deepen her practice. A while after graduation she started the Advanced Studies 350h at Delight Yoga Amsterdam with her beloved teachers Satya & Sahaj. She loves to share and connect. Therefore she co-creates Chakra, meditation and nature walk workshops with her partner Tonko in order to spread the light of consciousness around the world as much as she can. To live Yoga. That is her path where she finds peace and happiness. But this is also the place where she gets to face her dark sides, where she experiences emptiness, loneliness and discovers things about herself that are less beautiful. But are also part of who she is. "Dark and light, yin and yang, shiva and shakti, all that I am". Yoga provides for her the safe space to be able to face anything!
Her classes are inspired by life. She often intergrades themes that are applicable to your daily life. Be welcome to any of her heartwarming classes to learn and inspire each other.


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