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Whit Hornsberger


Whit Hornsberger is a respected and transformative teacher from Vancouver, Canada. He had the opportunity to study this traditional practice under the guidance of Srivatsa Ramaswami, Krishnamacharya's longest standing disciple (33 years). Stepping onto the mat is about stepping out of our conditioned comfort zones, making room for our true selves to be revealed. Beyond our names, our stories and our habitual patterns of thought, the practice of yoga awakens a deep sense of interconnectedness with all that surrounds us. Yoga ignites our innate altruistic intelligence to see ourselves in others and see others in us, breaking down the barriers of fear that inhibit our potential to live fully and love wholly. “Yoga literally saved my life when in my mid-twenties I found myself drowning in the darkness of my own mind after a knee injury ended my athletic career. The ancient wisdom traditions of yoga and Buddhism have healed all aspects of my human experience and I have dedicated my life to honoring the teachings by sharing them with anyone open to receive.” “Off the mat my practice entails surfing the most beautiful spots on this planet, hosting retreats in inspiring locations around the world and connecting to nature as often as possible. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your path and for being a part of mine.” A humble bow.


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Weekend QiGong Immersion

With Matthew Cohen

Starting on 01 December 2018

This course will take you deep into the heart of QiGong, meditation, stillness, ritual, and a truly authentic experience & expression of yourself.   QiGong is an ancient Asian system of health and self-development. Slow circular, repetitive movements invoke a sense of inner peace and relaxation. Learn to cultivate and manage a high grade of Energy.



Yoga & Ayurveda (50 hrs)

With Victoria (Tory) Hyndman

Starting on 23 January 2019

Yoga & Ayurveda are really impossible to bring apart, they are inseparable brother and sister, they are the union of the Universal Wisdom. The union of these two sciences brings forth a system of healing for physical, mental and spiritual health and happiness. The best way of learning and integrating anything into our life is through direct experience.



The Essentials of Yoga : Pre Teacher Training (50 hrs)

With Katiza Satya & Kevin Sahaj

Starting on 06 April 2019

This program is designed to prepare you for the experience of the Basic Teacher Training Intensive Retreat. Guided by Satya and Sahaj over a period of 7 days (50 hours), you will get a solid foundation from which to continue your practice in preparation for the Basic Training.