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Yael Assaf


The painter Goerges Braque once wrote, “Art is a wound turned to light”. 


That is transformation: taking that which is difficult for us and using it to heal. Through our creativity and practice we grow and get to know ourselves.


Alongside her yoga and meditation practice, Yael is also an artist and filmmaker, born in Venezuela in 1976 and raised in a Kibbutz in Israel. She spent years practicing traditional western physical branches, from dancing to athletics and acrobatics, gaining valuable knowledge of the body.


In 2000, while traveling in India, she discovered Vipassana and studied Yoga with various teachers and disciplines. She draws inspiration from the connection between intellect and emotions, movement and stillness.


After following the 3 year Teacher training with Dona Holman in Italy Yael completed the Yin yoga teacher training with Anat Geiger in 2008. This practice touched her heart deeply and she continues to work with Anat on a regular basis. 
Yin Yoga allows us to slow down. It’s a beautiful combination between Yoga, Vipassana and creativity that just grows and deepens more and more with time.

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The Path of Astanga Yoga

With Claudia Pradella & Eva Ugolini

Starting on 16 December 2017

An In-depth study of Primary Series in its traditional method as taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois of Mysore.   Through the direct experience of teachers who have been part of this Astanga Vinyasa lineage for a long time, you will be guided through the deeper experience of this unique system based on a one-to-one approach