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Advanced Studies

300 hrs modular curriculum for yoga teachers and dedicated practitioners looking for further guidance

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Open Day

12th October 2019

Meet other students and practice with our teachers:


The full Advanced Teacher Training (300+ hours) consists of:

2 Intensive retreats (Mandali, Italy):

  • The Heart retreat
  • The Mind retreat

3 modules (Delight Yoga, Amsterdam):

  • Yoga & Ayurveda
  • Yoga & Healing
  • Yoga & Mindfulness

Practice & guidance (Delight Yoga, Amsterdam):

  • 2 Sva Dharma Practice Days
  • 5 Mentoring & Supervision hours

The elements of the training can be followed at your own pace and in the sequence that suits you best. The retreats and modules can also be followed individually.

The Heart (80 hrs)

10 days retreat with Katiza Satya and Kevin Sahaj


We call this retreat “The Heart” because the heart is the physical location of our energy and our true Self. Through the heart, we open ourselves to devotion and liberation. After having explored and realigned the body and mind with the breath, we will be ready to introduce the more subtle body and mind practices.


The philosophical practice will be based on the Bhagavad Gita. You will be practicing more advanced yoga methods that will help you to de-code, uncover and break down the walls that keep you from being aware of your true wisdom nature. The practices will work on the nervous system and change the patterns of energy flow in the body.


You will learn how energy flows in body and mind work. The energy body is composed of energy pathways called nadis and areas of focused life energy called chakras. When these channels are clear, our awareness becomes clear like the sky.

The Mind (80 hrs)

10 days retreat with Katiza Satya and Kevin Sahaj

Recommended as last element of the Advanced Teacher Training.


During this part of the training we will investigate the mind, the most subtle level in our systems. The philosophical practice will be based on non-dual practices such as Buddhism and Tantra. From your foundation on mindfulness practices, you will go deeper into meditation techniques that will firmly establish you in your awareness and presence. Here lies the root of seeing the greater purpose that guides your life.


You will become aware that your life as yoga teacher is a gift of service towards others. This goes beyond your own self-interest. Deep seated unconscious emotional patterns and areas of unclarity in the mind must be illuminated and purified to reach the next level of awakening.


Clearing the energy body to open the mind will create the conditions for deep self-inquiry in this level of the Advanced Studies. So this period is for ripening and going deeper. All levels before this are merely a preparation, a cleaning of the temple of body and mind to make space for the opening of our true nature. Here the true yogi is being born.


On the last day of The Mind retreat, there will be a Closing Ceremony to celebrate the completion of the studies.


Yoga & Ayurveda (50 hrs)


7 training days with Victoria (Tory) Hyndman


The twin disciplines Yoga & Ayurveda are impossible to bring apart. The union of these two disciplines brings forth a system of healing for physical, mental and spiritual health and happiness. The best way of learning and integrating anything into our life is through direct experience.


In this module on Yoga & Ayurveda you will experience how we are all made up out of the nature's five great elements, the pancha maha bhutas (either, air, fire water and earth). By learning how to live according to those laws of nature, you will be able to meet your individual fullest potential.


Though we are all made up out of the exact same elements, we each contain different amounts of each element. Thereby each one of us is a unique expression of nature. Due to this fact we all need different foods, herbs, healing remedies, lifestyles and yoga practices.


The focus of this module is on how to apply the tools offered by Ayurveda for both preventative and healing purposes for body, heart and mind through yoga asana, meditation, pranayama, mudra, mantra and marma.


Yoga & Mindfulness (50 hrs)

7 training days with Kristin Vikjord Paternotte


In Yoga & Mindfulness, we invite our students beyond the realm of asana and physical practice. You are invited to an attitude of mindfulness, where kindness, compassion and curiosity are practiced to open the gateway to be in the moment, the gateway to freedom. Through classical mindfulness practices as well as moving meditation, we will practice self-inquiry to experience how we embody ourselves in this very moment of life.


Kristin will teach the Buddhist Four Ennobling Truths, learning about the dance between ease (sukkha) and unease (dukkha), the Four Foundations of Mindfulness and the Eightfold Path to sustain skillful living. The focus will be on classical mindfulness practices like body scan and 5 minutes breathing space, but you will also learn how to teach mindfulness as part of asana practice - as a moving meditation.


This program focuses on learning the tools offered by insight traditions, mindfulness and compassionate based practices, synergized with yoga practices and how to apply them as skillful means in everyday life. We also focus on how to teach mindfulness as a yoga teacher, as part of regular yoga classes.


Yoga & Healing (50 hrs)

7 training days with Kevin Sahaj


Yoga & Healing offers a series of practices synthesized from Tibetan Yoga, Chinese Qi Gong, Hatha Yoga, Tibetan medicine and Ayurveda, drawing from the belief that the source of healing is within us as a natural spontaneous expression of connection and balance (the meaning of the Sanskrit word "sahaja").


Kevin Sahaj has spent his life studying various systems of healing and yoga and has compiled, sequenced and created these practices based on his understanding of how they integrate and balance each other. The practices are simple and easy to learn, anyone regardless of age and experience can benefit by following these methods.


Essentially, healing yoga works more on the energetic level, so it is more subtle. To access healing we need to work with the energies in the body in relation to our life in the external world. If we can facilitate the harmonious flow of energy in our body, we start to heal physical, emotional and mental disturbances and find a meaningful and creative outer and inner life.


This module will be a journey of awakening and a deepening our awareness of ourselves on an experiential level.


The Sva Dharma Practice Days serve to practice and integrate what you have learned together with other students and to reconnect with them. During 5 Mentoring & Supervision hours, Katiza Satya will give you individual guidance on your personal yoga path.


Sva Dharma Practice Days (16 hrs)

2 training days with Katiza Satya and assistants


The Advanced Studies consist of intensive training blocks, so that the students can deep-dive into each subject. The core teachings of The Heart & The Mind training form the common thread that runs throughout the entire program.


We will meet on two days with Katiza Satya and the Heart & Mind program assistants (who will be supporting the group during the retreats) to guarantee continuity of the core practices, to share about the ongoing process of each student and to further develop relevant teaching skills. The Sva Dharma Practice Days will also be open to alumni from previous Advanced Studies programs.


Mentoring & Teaching Supervision (5 hrs)

5 sessions with Katiza Satya 

Towards the end of the program, individual guidance and mentoring is provided to allow for specific guidance on your path. This will be arranged through 5 individual sessions with Katiza Satya (or another faculty teacher if more appropriate), either in person or via Skype. Teaching Supervision and Feedback in preparation to the completion of the studies will also be assessed during these hours.



Special Trainings

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