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300 hrs modular curriculum for yoga teachers and dedicated practitioners looking for further guidance

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12th October 2019

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We believe that to become a good teacher, personal experience with the process of yoga, with its richness and its multiple dimensions is necessary. It is from the own experience that a yogi can be a guide to other people. The Delight Academy Advanced Teacher Training inspires and guides students in their further development as practitioner and teacher. You will consolidate the foundation that you have received during earlier teacher trainings and explore the yoga that is most suited to your personal needs and intentions (your ‘Sva Dharma’ - your own true path), so you can inspire others.


The Sva Dharma teachings are the core of the Advanced Teacher Training, designed to give you a firm grounding in yogic practice and philosophy. You will deepen your understanding of the yoga traditions and focus on finding your own true calling. The teachings will be presented by Katiza Satya and Kevin Sahaj in retreat format (The Heart & The Mind retreats), so you can focus on and experience the real purpose of yoga: to realize your true nature as an awakened being.

We chose the format of a yoga retreat because this format offers the rare opportunity to dedicate your time fully towards awakening. During the retreats, you can distance yourself from your everyday life and come out of your conditioned mind, emotions and body. From early in the morning until the evening you will be immersed in the sacred path of yoga in all its forms. It is an intensive process that will transform the way you see your life. You will be covering all aspects of yoga: asana, pranayama, meditation, (shamanic) healing, Taoist chi-kung, Buddhism, chanting, rituals, philosophy and teaching skills. Through the deep immersion in the teachings during each retreat you will come out as a different person, with a clearer understanding of your Sva Dharma and what you can share with others.

During two Sva Dharma Practice Days in Amsterdam, you will work on integrating the teachings received during the retreats into your daily life.

To support your growth as a yoga practitioner and teacher, the Advanced Studies cover other relevant subjects within the field of yoga: Ayurveda, Healing and Mindfulness. The 3 modules will increase your understanding of yoga in general and provide you with extra tools to inspire and share your own practices.


The elements of the training are rescheduled every year, so the full study can be followed within one your or at your own pace and in the sequence that suits you best.


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