A fast-paced dynamic form of yoga with a specific series of postures.

In the Astanga Led classes, you will learn the first part of the sequence of postures of the Primary Series of the Astanga Vinyasa Yoga System. The class consists of a fixed series of postures, which is guided by the teacher and focuses on increasing strength, flexibility and concentration of the mind.

Ashtanga Led

The sequence of movements combined with breath, posture, and Drishti (steady gaze) invites the student to move with focus and presence. Over time, you will build a familiarity with the sequence and poses, enabling you to explore the possibilities within each posture and the practice as a whole. We offer Ashtanga led classes at a “beginners level” for those who are new to the practice, and “all levels/experienced” for those who are physically more advanced in their practice.

Ashtanga Mysore

Astanga yoga is a living tradition that has been passed down through a lineage of teachers. Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois began his studies with Krishnamacharya in 1927, and together, they formed the Astanga yoga system. Traditionally, the method is taught one-on-one as a self-practice. This is called Ashtanga Mysore and is - apart from the Astanga led classes - also taught at Delight Yoga.

Experienced Ashtanga Led

You may see the “experienced” Ashtanga led class offered on Fridays. This fully led primary class is for those who have some experience with the Ashtanga sequence as there is less verbal instruction. However, once somewhat familiar with the beginning of the sequence, students are encouraged to attend this class weekly and simply follow along until they reach their final Mysore class posture in the series or are instructed to stop.

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