Ashtanga Yoga Workshop

Join Claudia for a morning of guided practices, where you’ll be led through the primary series of Astanga Yoga in its traditional format, using some extra time to explore a particular group of asanas, which are often challenging for many practitioners.

We will start this 3 hours practice workshop with some guided breathwork (pranayama) to calm the mind and open the breath, followed by a short introduction of the topic of this particular session and how to open the relevant areas in the body.

You will then be led through the primary series in a relaxed and informative manner, where aspects of vinyasa, dristhi, bandhas will be presented. Modifications will be offered for the more difficult poses in the series and the particular group of asana chosen for this workshop will be guided in extra detail to make it more accessible to each student.

Claudia is guiding the morning Mysore Program at De Clercqstraat and are offering these series of workshops as an invitation to the students to engage in a more informative way to practice. This is certainly of added value to the regular Astanga Yoga practitioners, whether they practice at home or at the studio, in Mysore style or led class.

Suitable for students of all levels who are already familiar with Astanga Yoga and (half) primary series.


Saturday 23 October 2021 : opening the hips
Saturday 6 November 2021: opening for back bending
Saturday 26 February 2022 : engaging core and bandha

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