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Ayurveda Practitioner Studies

A four-year 200 EC study program with Bachelor level accreditation

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Tuition & Fees

Tuition fees
Tuition for Year I of the Ayurveda Practitioner Studies is:

  • Early Bird rate: € 3.295 (payment at once by 1 May 2020)
  • Standard rate: € 3.445 (payment at once by 1 August 2020)
  • Payment in instalments: € 3.645 (payment in 3 instalments, € 1.049,- per instalment due by 1 August 2020, 1 December 2020, and 1 March 2021) 


Payment in instalments
Delight Academy offers the possibility to pay the tuition fees in three instalments after the initial deposit payment. Tuition with this payment plan is €3.645. Instalments of €1.049 are due by 1 August 2020, 1 December 2020 and 1 March 2021).


Deposit payment
To complete the application for this study program you will be requested to pay a deposit of € 500,- (online payment via iDEAL, Credit Card or Paypal).


Additional fees & costs
Tuition fees include the use of all materials in the online learning management system and materials used during the modules. Tuition excludes the following additional fees and costs: 

  • Registration fee: € 95
    • Because an elaborate intake of new students is being done, there is a one-off registration fee in Year I
  • Study books: approx. €200 per year
  • Residential teaching costs (accommodation, food & drinks) in the first year only: approx. €350 per study year
  • Re-examination fees: €150
  • Travel, insurance and visa costs to India: approx. €1.200
  • Accommodation in Dr Vijith’s clinic, food & drinks in India: €250 per week
  • Professional liability insurance at Balens Insurances Nederland (obligatory): €65


Tax-deductible study costs
There are possibilities for Dutch tax residents with taxable income to deduct study costs from their annual income tax return (inkomstenbelasting in Dutch) when following a study program training you in a (new) profession. This deduction is to be arranged personally and Delight Academy is not involved in any tax returns. As of 1 January 2021, deducting study costs from income taxes will be replaced with a new subsidy for study costs, of which not all details are known yet. For more information, please refer to the website of the tax authorities (Belastingdienst in Dutch).


VAT exemption
All yearly fees are exempt from VAT (BTW-vrijgesteld in Dutch) as the Delight Academy programs are recognised as quality professional training by the CRKBO (Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs) in The Netherlands. 


If you have joined one of the 50+ Ayurveda courses at Delight Academy or elsewhere, you might be eligible to receive an exemption for these hours in this 4-year program. Please send an e-mail to detailing which courses you have previously attended. A discounted pricing option for the exempted hours applies.  


Tuition fees in Year II to IV
Delight Academy reserves the right to increase tuition fees for Year II to IV based on inflation or to implement a small increase in fees if this is deemed needed for the continuity of the study program.



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