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Western Anatomy & Physiology

Licensed registration requirements
If you would like to open your own ayurvedic practice after completion of the study program, we highly recommend you follow a western anatomy & physiology (Medische Basiskennis in Dutch) course at PLATO standards level of 40 ECs. This will give you the medical foundation you need to start your ayurvedic practice as a practitioner. This also gives you the possibility to register at the professional associations and insurance companies, enabling your clients to claim reimbursement of their invoice under supplementary health care insurances. You will be able to offer your consultations VAT exempt (BTW-vrijgesteld in Dutch) as a registered therapist.


Available training programs
A variety of one-year courses at PLATO standards level of 40 ECs are available and the student mentors are happy to advise on this. Currently, Delight Academy does not (yet) offer this western anatomy & physiology program. On the website of Centrum Post Initieel Onderwijs Nederland (CPION -, you can find a complete list of training institutes offering these training programs in The Netherlands.



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