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Ayurveda Practitioner Studies

A four-year 200 EC study program with Bachelor level accreditation

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The Program

We are honoured to present this 4-year Bachelor's level accredited Ayurveda Practitioner Studies

This program is for anyone who is interested in becoming an Ayurveda Practitioner or wants to deepen their professional knowledge, skills and experience in the field of ayurveda. The APS is a serious and in-depth study program where students study all major aspects of ayurveda. At the same time, students develop skills to support (future) clients on their path to health and to treat them for various health issues. 


Year I: Ayurveda for Self-Healing

Pillars of health: a year of basic foundations and starting to ‘live’ these in your own life

In the first year, you will learn about the basic ayurvedic principles and lay a solid foundation in the field of ayurvedic nutrition, massage, daily routine, yoga, herbs and remedies. The focus of the first year is equally divided between theory, practical and treatment skills plus experience-based teaching. This year will inspire and guide you to think within the framework of ayurvedic science.

Year II: Ayurveda as Preventive Medicine

Understanding imbalance: a year of exploring disease and how to approach imbalance in an ayurvedic way

In the second APS year, tuition continues around the basic principles of ayurveda. There will be additional focus on the qualities required of an ayurveda and healing counsellor so as to evaluate and advise clients. Students will start to work with practical cases and real clients. Students will continue to dive into basic classes in western anatomy and physiology, bridging western medical concepts to the ayurvedic basic principles.

Year III & IV: Ayurveda in Full Healing Practice

Healing diseases: two years of studying major diseases and their treatment options, including clinical training

In Year III of the APS, you will dive into more advanced principles that are essential to evaluate and ayurvedically diagnose clients as a Practitioner. You will start working at a clinical level with practical cases and real clients. In Year IV you will work towards completion of your training to become an Ayurveda Practitioner. The focus is on bringing theory into practice, through practical modules and assignments, a final thesis and exams.

The Ayurveda Practitioner Study Program is accredited
by the SNRO, and registered with the CRKBO and FONG.

Ayurveda Practitioner Studies:

"This Ayurveda Practitioner Training is one of the most complete and profound Ayurveda programs in the world outside of India."

– Doctor Claudia Welch

Ayurveda Practitioner Studies:

"This is a study for everyone who wants to step into the world of self-healing and learn how to gracefully flow with the natural rhythms of life. From learning how to analyse the elements of nature, we can learn how to observe ourselves and others from a powerful and refreshing perspective. In the study, the time has been given to honour the ancient ways of learning the science, where we've had the pleasure to learn directly from physicians such as Dr. Vijith. The faculty has been of great support and there's clearly a lot of love and care that has gone into creating this program. I'm deeply grateful!"

– Johanna

Ayurveda Practitioner Studies:

"Delight Academy offers a very well set up 4-year program to become an Ayurveda Practitioner. The teachers, study material and classes are set up on a high level of education while maintaining the spirit and grace with their beautiful locations in Amsterdam. For me it was the best decision I've made this year, I've already learned so much!"

– Romina

Ayurveda Practitioner Studies:

"No idea what I dived into. Is Ayurveda not about cooking and massages? I can tell you: It is a vast ocean of ancient wisdom with very practical connections to our modern sciences and life. A study program that will deepen your own understanding, your relationship with your surroundings, environment and the universe as a whole. With a professional setup and system with lovely teachers, each with their own qualities."

– Sander

Ayurveda Practitioner Studies:

"That growing awareness can change your life is something I’ve experienced myself first hand. But how to deal with this transformation and how to help others to grow as well? That is something we learn during the 4 year program at the Delight Academy. A creative program full of self-development tools led by inspiring teachers. From all the trainings I’ve done so far this one is by far the most complete. It is an effort you have to make to sign up and do the work, but the rewards are endless. Thank you Delight for supporting me in my journey."

– Kim

Ayurveda Practitioner Studies:

"Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old science that has an interdependent and logical structure. The more you study ayurveda, the more you can see this interdependency in the natural world around you, the people in your life and mostly in yourself. While you learn about the ancient texts and their modern-day application in treatment, you also recognise you have some of this logic intuitively. Delight Academy only unlocked it. The classes will have an immediate effect on your day-to-day life with an understanding of the doshas and the physical and emotional characteristics they express, and why things become unbalanced. You will understand food, not in the good/bad no carbs only keto way, but the characteristics of the food and how your body reacts to it and why. You will study nuances of the yoga asanas and how they can be adjusted to provide support and greater connection. The program at Delight Academy covers such a wide variety of disciplines you will learn new skills and techniques that will allow you and your clients to live well."

– Aimee

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