Ayurveda Membership Program

8-week program for Delight Members

We've have created 8-week programs full of Ayurvedic & Yogic wisdom to support our members in balancing your health throughout the year. There are 3 Ayurveda programs.

The program

Every week, members will receive an e-mail in their inbox with a to-do list, Wisdom Articles Yoga practices, an Ayurvedic recipes and Self-Care tips to balance yourself!

Coming up

  • 'Balance Your Vata' in Autumn/Winter
  • 'Balance Your Kapha' in Spring
  • 'Balance Your Pitta' in Summer

How to join the program?

This program is created exclusively for Delight Members. When you are a Delight Member you can register for free. Make sure your membership is active, sign up for our newsletters and you'll receive an invitation through e-mail, once the registration for the program is open.

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