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Delight Academy offers all the knowledge you need to integrate ayurveda in all aspects of your life, whether you are completely new to ayurveda or want to deepen your path of ayurveda. Our program ranges from introductory workshops, courses to the four-year Bachelor level Ayurveda Practitioner Studies (APS) allowing you to practice ayurveda professionally.

Ayurveda Practitioner Studies:

"This is a study for everyone who wants to step into the world of self-healing and learn how to gracefully flow with the natural rhythms of life. From learning how to analyse the elements of nature, we can learn how to observe ourselves and others from a powerful and refreshing perspective. In the study, the time has been given to honour the ancient ways of learning the science, where we've had the pleasure to learn directly from physicians such as Dr. Vijith. The faculty has been of great support and there's clearly a lot of love and care that has gone into creating this program. I'm deeply grateful!"

– Johanna

Nutrition Course II:

"With the Nutrition Course I as a background, I was looking for more profound knowledge on applying the basics of ayurvedic nutrition in relation to health issues without the direct need for a full study program to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner. I was very happy and satisfied with the Nutrition Course II which was nicely organized by Delight Academy. It gave me many tools for detoxing, nourishing the different Dhatus and balancing the Doshas."

– Wim

Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop:

"The Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop gave me a clear understanding of the fundamentals of ayurveda. I never imagined ayurvedic cooking could be so easy! It's mostly very logic. The course is both practical and theoretical and makes it easy to apply simple tools to include Ayurveda in your daily life."

– Nikki

Loulou (Nutrition Course & Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop:

"I started the Ayurvedic Nutrition Course as a natural intuition of following my curiosity and deepening my knowledge on holistic eating for mind, body and spirit. Learning about this ancient healing tradition from India, and the impact that food has on different types of people was eye-opening, yet at the same time so natural and logical. I was learning completely new insights, yet it felt like coming home. I believe the Nutrition Course can be a very valuable course on its own, but it can also be a nice addition to the regular health system and diet practices. The Nutrition Course has led me to what must have always been my purpose: the complete 4-year study of Ayurveda Practitioner Studies."

– LouLou

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