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At Delight Academy we welcome students of different ages, countries and backgrounds. Our students range from early 20s to mid 70s. You are never too young or too old to study ayurveda! Some people have a background in ayurveda or healthcare, some have had a very different career, and again other students come directly from high school into our study program.

The Ayurveda Practitioner Studies is a part-time 4-year study program. Each year consists of approximately 210 contact hours and 400 to 600 self-study hours. This translates to approximately 2-3 days of class and 4-6 full days of self-study on average each month.

We are open to international students and already have students from several European in our study program. So yes, applying for the Ayurveda Practitioner Studies is possible when living abroad. Please take into account that you will have to fly in to Amsterdam circa once per month and will have to find an accommodation yourself. We recommend looking at Airbnb or for accommodation. However, since we are a private educational institute, it is unfortunately not possible to apply for a student visa.

It is important to us that all students of the Ayurveda Practitioner Studies have a full understanding of the study program and the study load. Therefore, attending one of our open days is a prerequisite to studying with us. If you live abroad or are unable to attend one of our open days, please contact us via to make a personal introductory appointment by phone.

When you have successfully completed your studies, you can open your own ayurveda practice. In other words, you can start your career in ayurveda. What does this imply? You will be able to inform your clients on ayurvedic ways to improve their health - with the help of concrete steps and guidelines. You will have insight into which complaints you can treat yourself and which more complex complaints will require the help of an ayurvedic physician or other health experts. You will be confident in exploring the complaints of your clients by tapping into their needs in a proper way while using ayurvedic assessment techniques like pulse reading and tongue diagnosis. Clear communication, trust, respect, an open attitude and confidentiality play an important role in building a relationship with your clients - and this relationship is a part of your ayurvedic healing skills.

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