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Basic Teacher Training

200 hrs training in Portugal and Amsterdam 16 - 30 July 2021 & 21 - 27 August 2021

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What we require from you

  • To have practiced yoga steadily for a minimum of 1 year with a teacher and have a regular and consistent self practice (at least 3 times a week) in any hatha-based style of yoga (astanga, vinyasa, hatha).
  • To know by heart and to be able to practice the Primary Series of the Astanga Vinyasa Yoga system according to your capacity with modifications if necessary.
  • A motivational letter explaining in which you tell us more about yourself and your motivation to take part in this training.
  • A recommendation letter by your main teacher (if you are not regularly practicing at Delight Yoga).
  • After your application has been received and reviewed, we may invite you to come to Delight Yoga (or arrange a Skype call) to meet one of the faculty teachers and to further discuss your participation in the program.
  • Submission of preparation homework prior to the start of the retreat.

Preparation homework

Homework will be sent to you in preparation of this training. Once you have been accepted in the program, you will receive a complete list of books to read and assignments to complete and submit prior to the start of the training. You will also be asked to journal about your personal practice. Please allow for a minimum of 1 month (ideally 3) to complete your preparation homework at a relaxed pace.


Depending on your level of experience with yoga and the Astanga method, we strongly recommend you to participate in the 50-hours Pre-Teacher Training (Essentials of Yoga) to prepare for this intensive training. The Pre-Teacher is guided by Satya & Sahaj and offered twice a year.


About the Pre-Teacher Training (Essentials of Yoga - 50 hours)

The Essentials of Yoga Training is designed to prepare you for the experience of the Basic Teacher Training Intensive Retreat. Guided by Satya and Sahaj for 50 hours online or in our studios, our Pre-Teacher Training offers a solid foundation from which to embark on this journey of yoga and continue your practice over the coming months.

Highly recommended to anyone interested in the Basic Teacher Training, this program is offered 2 times a year. You can find complete information and dates about the upcoming Pre-Teacher Training here, together with the registration link.

The upcoming dates are:

  • March 2021 (online)
  • November 2021 (on location, if the situation allows)

If you wish to apply for the Basic Teacher Training and have already done a yoga Teacher Training before or have practiced regularly for longer than 1 year, or if you think you don’t need to follow the Pre-Teacher Training, please send an email to motivating your request and asking for an interview with one of the teachers.


A note on Health & Well-being

Our Teacher Trainings have an intensive schedule and curriculum that is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. It is your own responsibility to take care of your own health and well-being. To best support you in this training we need to know if any of the following applies to you at this moment, so that we can advise you accordingly in preparation to the program:

  • Are you experiencing physical, mental or emotional issues? (if so please detail)

  • Are you currently under medical treatment or taking medications for mental or physical conditions? (if so please detail)

  • Are you currently or have suffered in the past from depression, burnout, addiction or any other mental health issues? (if so please detail)

Our Terms & Conditions apply. 

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