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Jan 3, 2022

10 Tips to Stay Connected During Lockdown

By: Irene Draisma

With another lockdown in the Netherlands limiting our social lives, many of us are longing for connection. How can we find creative ways to deal with these limitations and still feel connected? Here is a list of Yogic and Ayurvedic ways to support one other during lockdown.

  1. First of all, reconnect to your true Self

By practicing yoga we reconnect to our true Self and find peace within. Through the deep connection with your deepest Self, you actually connect with everything in the universe. Within, you find the connection with others. Some of you might already know what your path is in yoga, for those who are still unsure. Delight Online is a nice way to experiment and discover what styles and teachers feel right for you.

  1. Be there for friends to get through this together

Many of us are finding this time difficult and might experience loneliness, insecurity and anxiety. We have to do our best to make sure we and our loved ones are safe. Remember to look out for friends in need, let's try to be there for each other as much as we can to ensure that we all get through this together. Just sharing our feelings and listening to each other can already create the space to heal.

  1. Go for a 'call' walk with a friend in nature

As it is important to go outside and get some fresh air every day, we can also take this time to connect with our loved ones. Plan a 'call-walk' moment where you and your friend call each other while both walking in nature. If you feel comfortable with it, you can of course also still see each other in person and plan a walk in nature on a safe distance.

  1. Plan a video call date-night with friends

Plan a video call with your friends for a night of fun! Some ideas are to do a facial self-massage at the same time, to make drawings for each other, to play music or a game together, or to draw cards for each other (tarot, inner compass) - but you can basically do anything you like. You can choose to do the same activity or just do your own thing, but just make sure you have an hour free for each other.

  1. Connect the old fashioned way

How nice is it to recieve a hand written letter or a drawing from somebody? Buy an envelope and a stamp (if you don't have them at home, you can still buy them at most supermarkets) and send a handwritten letter, a postcard or a drawing to your loved ones the old fashioned way, through post! Maybe one day, you might receive something in return on your doormat... :)

  1. Plan an online cooking date with a friend

Choose the same ingredients/recipe, video call each other, put your phone or laptop on the kitchen counter, and start cooking together. Over video calls, it is the perfect way to teach eacho ther new recipes or learn new recipes together because you are using two kitchens at the same time! This way you can exchange ideas, ask questions during the process, show each other what you are doing, and enjoy the meal together afterwards.

  1. Join an online cultural event together

Since all the concert halls, museums, and move theatres are closed there is a lot available online. Join an online event together with a friend like a concert or performance or museum tour. Afterwards don't forget to check in with eacho ther to share your experiences. This is also a great way to support the cultural sector in these challenging times.

  1. Discover your Dharma

With fewer distractions, NOW is the time to start finding your Dharma: something you really feel passionate about. Take this time to discover what you always wanted to do or if you know it already, make time for it! This is the perfect time to motivate, inspire and remind each other, to finally start or finish that project you never had the time for.

  1. Join an Online Sangha

A Sangha is a community with like-minded people where you share ideas and hold each other. You can do this by joining an existing Online Sangha like the Silent Sit Sangha, Ayurveda Sangha or Satsang at Delight Yoga. Or you can create your own Sangha where you form an online group on social media, send each other inspiring information, quotes, photos, videos and plan online live sessions to connect and exchange ideas.

  1. Practice Metta!

One last beautiful practice tip is the practice of ‘Metta’; to connect with the love you all have inside and internally send it to every being, humans and nature, that comes to your mind. Heaving this in mind, I wish you all a very healthy, connected holiday and conscious, inspired & delightful 2021.

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