5 Tips For Your Magical Morning

5 Tips For Your Magical Morning

By: Jenny Schoenmann

Every morning, we can choose how we want to feel.

How we start our day greatly influences how it unfolds. We can either start in a rush, or we can pause, breathe, and take a moment to set the tone and pace for our day.

Choosing a magical morning routine is a commitment to prioritize your precious self! When you do, you will improve your health, your wellbeing, energy, and self-love. Although we know better, we very often end up rushing through our morning and days, functioning on automatic pilot, constantly longing for achievements and accomplishments so we can feel seen and worthy...until we are exhausted.

When you take the time in the morning to reflect and retreat within - rather than rushing about in a frenzy - you will really know what you need, what makes you happy, and you will move through your day with awareness.

I am so honoured and excited to share my 5 top tips on how you can enjoy your Magical Morning Routine:

  1. Give Yourself Some Peace

The most burning question I get is “Do I have to wake up at 5 am in order to do my morning routine, be there for the kids, and be on time for work?!!”

I have good news for you. You can have a thriving morning routine while still balancing it all: getting the important sleep you deserve, having an enjoyable family life, and showing up at work present and relaxed.

There are some practical suggestions and natural guidelines we can lean into. Taking them into account supports us on an energetic level and helps to create a habit - but we need to find a time where we have the freedom to do our routine in peace. That ensures that we enjoy it and get all the benefits without stressing out!

One of my favourite tips to get started is: Start your morning in the evening. Prepare everything the night before. Prepare your space and get yourself to bed 10 minutes earlier. In the morning, wake up 10 minutes earlier and Voila - there’s the time for your morning routine!

The key is to be creative, flexible, and let go of perfectionism!

  1. Your Morning Defines Your Day

As you wake up, avoid the urge to rush to ‘get things done’.

Instead, sit up in your bed, take a couple of long deep breaths, and check-in with yourself.

Your day starts when you open your eyes, and how you welcome yourself makes all the difference. It is an act of self-love and self-respect.

  1. Be Realistic, Honest & Keep It Simple

Your Magical Morning doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Keeping it simple makes it easy for you to set yourself up for an amazing day! Simplicity will also allow you to grow your morning routine organically, making it a sustainable practice. You will feel balanced as you respect the other commitments in your daily life.

Ask yourself (and be honest): How much time will I spend on my morning routine?

Many of my participants start with 5 or 10 minutes. Perfect! That’s 10 minutes of pure presence and self-care which already has a huge impact on how you’ll feel and manage your day.

Easy to do: Have a cup of warm water in the morning will nourish your system and allows you to sit in stillness for a few minutes.

  1. Your Morning Routine Toolbox

There are plenty of techniques, practices, and tips on how to get the best out of your routine. Sometimes this can be overwhelming, and we have no idea where to start. Your time is precious and therefore I encourage you to check in with your body, mind, and soul every morning and ask yourself: What is it that I need? How do I feel today? What would I like to have more of? And then follow up on it - you'll do the practices that are just right for you as well as take responsibility for yourself and your wellbeing.

For example: You'll feel an instant effect on your energy level when you start your day by tapping the whole body. Your lymph flow improves, the energy starts to flow freely, your digestive system wakes up, and it uplifts your mood. Try it right away: Tap with your fingertips gently on your belly, kidneys, lower back - up to your chest, shoulders, back of the neck, your head, forehead, cheeks, lips, down your throat.

  1. Hold Space For Yourself With Journaling

Journaling is a powerful tool that helps to plan your day as you wish it to be, as well as keeping a record of your personal journey.

Journaling is like starting your day with conscious breathing. For me, journaling is a way to know myself better every day. It is a way to greet myself with respect and kindness.

You can journal in a way that will instantly make you feel better, thereby changing your vibrational frequency. This shifts not only your energy - it also positively affects the energy of those around you.

Design your Magical Morning Routine

The Magic Formula is to keep it simple and increasing it step by step - The reward is high!

“The Magical Morning Method is a beautiful gift to nourish and treat yourself. To start my mornings with ease, self-care and a little magic instead of snoozing and rushing in the end, changed my days radically.” - Irene

So, with gratitude, I am excited to share the knowledge, experiences, and inspirations I gained over the past years. If this sounds interesting to you, please join me for the upcoming Online Course. You will learn techniques and practices, as well as how to get started, and – importantly - how to keep it sustainable. Just imagine how much magic you’ll bring into your daily life by starting your day in alignment, in harmony, with a loving and joyful connection to yourself.

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Jenny Schoenmann regularly hosts Morning Workshops, Online Courses and Yoga Classes as well as Soul-based Coaching at Delight. She has just published her first book “The Magical Morning Method”, a powerful 9-week Method to create a life you love.

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