7 Ways to Create Space for New Life

7 Ways to Create Space for New Life

By: Delight Yoga

During the spring season, as the temperature increases, the ice starts to melt and Kapha starts to affect our system by making it heavier and more liquid. To prevent Kapha from going out of whack, we want to create balance by using opposing qualities of growth, stability, and stickiness. We do this by using the air and space elements and, among others, the gunas light, dry, and mobile.

You often hear, “Your body is your temple”, and we have already paid attention to that. However, apart from taking care of our body with food habits, the use of herbs, and physical movements, there are some extra ways to create space and lightness for optimal growth of new life.

In Your House

1. Declutter

Oftentimes, loose papers and ‘piles’ of administration are a source of daily stress. Schedule an hour weekly to go through your stack of ‘paperwork’ that’s laying on the table or in a drawer. Since we are using less and less paper, the mail might pile up in different places like your inbox. Do a thorough cleanup and make a plan on how to keep it up throughout the year.

2. Donate or repair

Take a look inside your closet and take everything out. Go through all pieces and donate what you no longer use. If there are pieces that need to be repaired, fix them! Another important thing is to wash your curtains and other stuff that’s made of fabrics in your house and give all surfaces and walls an extra wash or fresh paint as well. Last, but not least, you can clear the space from old energy by burning or steaming water with cleansing herbs like cedar.

In Your Mind

In Ayurveda, it is said that eventually all disease starts in the Mind. This is the domain of the maha gunas Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. To be able to let go of old thoughts or emotions having a Sattvic state of mind is needed. This means to have mental clarity

3. Less Input

To create space in the mind, it is important to have less input. During a 10-day Vipassana retreat, there is no other input allowed than the instruction of the meditation-leader, e.g., no (social)media, no books, and no conversations with others. Moreover, you go on a mono-diet. During these 10 days, you will digest many old lingering thoughts and this works as a perfect cleanse for the mind. To keep the connection with this space, create your own meditation routine.

4. Take note of your thoughts

Write down the thoughts that are sticking around and causing you suffering. You can burn them in a fire or simply tear the paper and throw it away. To make this ritual more fun, you could do it together with your partner or a good friend.

In Your Heart

According to Ayurveda, emotions and consciousness are located in the heart. Sadhaka Pitta and Sadhaka Agni are responsible for the digestion of emotions, so we need these to be balanced.

5. Connect with your emotions

With emotions, oftentimes, two types of things happen when they become sticky. You either create a whole network of thoughts around them which works as a trap. Or, we create resistance towards them. In yoga, you learn to deeply connect with the energetic aspect of the emotion - this is what the emotion really is! If you are able to do that, you will notice that the energy is freed from your system. The way to do this is to take at least 5 minutes every day to sit down. As soon as a physical sensation arises, you go there with your attention, observing it without judgment or even ‘diving into it’. The emotion then ‘melts’ and is liberated.

6. Remove old energy with water

Another measure that instantly helps to clear away old sticky emotions, like sadness, is to take a shower or jump into a lake or river. The water will help to remove old energy. You could even do a bathing ritual using special herbs to help cleanse the system from negative emotions. Also, check week 7.

7. Sleep well and enough

Good sleep during the Pitta time (10PM - 2AM) is important to digest old emotions. Even though we need to sleep a little less during Kapha season, it’s good to wake up early in the morning when the energy is most Sattvic. If you’re struggling with digesting or processing old emotions by yourself, you can reach out to an Ayurvedic practitioner, other healer, or psychologist.

So open the windows of your house, your body, your mind, and your heart and let the old stuff blow away by the fresh spring breeze.

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