7 Yoga Podcasts to Inspire You at Home

7 Yoga Podcasts to Inspire You at Home

By: Delight Yoga

With this prolonged period of staying indoors, it is natural for us all to seek out various outlets to remain uplifted and motivated during these uncertain times. One way to find new inspiration in your yoga practice during lockdown is through podcasts - an easy way to learn more about yoga, mindfulness, and spirituality.

In combination with February's theme of the month, Being Home, we have curated a list of podcast episodes featuring Delight Yoga teachers to help bring you clarity during these times which may foster the opposite.

The following are podcast episodes which we believe will inspire you:

####The YAY!YOGA Podcast with Renée Leeuw

“Victoria Hyndman (@victoria_tory_raven_hyndman) is an Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga teacher, who studied with Dr. Vasant Lad at The Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. I recently met her at Delight Yoga in Amsterdam, where I joined her Foundation course on Ayurveda. This course left me feeling inspired and enriched, not only by the knowledge and insights that I received, but also by the way Victoria was sharing these beautiful practices of Ayurveda and Ayuryoga.

On the YAY!YOGA podcast we dive deeper into Ayurveda and Victoria's personal story of how she got into this ancient wisdom. We talk about the cycles of life: birth, death and dealing with loss. Victoria shares Ayurvedic tips on how to ease into fall and make it through winter and also gives some advice for women that want to live in sync with their moon cycle.”

####Rising Women Leaders with Meredith Rom

“In this episode of Rising Women Leaders I interview Erica Jago, yoga teacher, designer and co-author of the Amazon best-selling book Art of Attention. In the interview, we talk about:

  • How to use yoga and design to live more artfully in our lives

  • How Erica left a corporate design job in San Francisco to follow her dream of leading transformational yoga retreats around the world

  • Some of Erica's favorite daily rituals.”

####Mama’en - De Podcast with Nina Pierson (NL)

“Volgens de ayurveda mogen we zwangere vrouwen behandelen als een ‘bowl of oil’, zo voorzichtig moeten we met ze omgaan. Deze eeuwenoude holistische levensstijl ligt aan de basis van wereldwijde tradities rondom zwangerschap, de geboorte en de kraamtijd, maar veel daarvan lijken we in Westerse culturen te zijn verleerd. Zwangere vrouwen dragen nieuw leven in zich, ze staan daardoor volgens de ayurveda met één been in de spirituele wereld en dat verdient veel aandacht, liefde en respect. Met simpele keuzes in voeding, omgeving en rustmomenten, kunnen we onszelf deze liefdevolle zorg teruggeven en daar vervolgens de vruchten van plukken.

Yogadocente en nummer #1 ayurveda expert Victoria Hyndman is een baken van spirituele inzichten en praktische kennis, en geeft in deze aflevering de allerfijnste tips om tijdens de zwangerschap en herstelperiode meer rust te ervaren én kracht op te bouwen. Een aflevering die mij persoonlijk echt aan het denken zette over hoe ik mijn vaak gehaaste leven leid en motiveerde om daarin andere keuzes te maken. Omdat het Victoria’s moedertaal is, switchen we tijdens deze aflevering naar het Engels.”

####The YAY!YOGA Podcast with Renée Leeuw

“Moena de Jong is an Amsterdam-based yoga teacher who has studied a variety of yoga traditions and lineages, ranging from Hatha to Vinyasa to Jivamukti. I invited her to the YAY!YOGA podcast as I visit her classes whenever I can and always leave feeling enriched and inspired by the way she structures her classes with music, dharma talks, philosophy, pranayama and asanas.

Her classes are a complete package of nutrients for the body, mind and soul. In this episode, we talk about a lot of interesting topics such as Yoga Nidra, Jivamukti and the importance of holding space and creating a safe environment for students to practice.”

####The Spiritual Feminist

"For this episode, I sat down with Ayurvedic expert and Yogi Julia Blohberger. For a long time I’ve been interested in Ayurveda and what that can mean for my diet and lifestyle, and I am so happy and grateful that I was able to pick Julia’s brain on all things Doshas, elements, tongue-scraping and oil pulling! 

Ayurveda is an ancient wisdom and lifestyle which shows us we are all unique beings - and how can we find balance in that along the way. We talk about finding compassion and self-love and how Ayurveda encourages a softer way of living. 
Julia describes our connection to the five elements before diving deep into the three doshas (‘constitution types’): Kapha, Pita and Vata. I ask her how we can live more in balance with the seasons and thus ourselves and she explains the good and ‘bad’ qualities of each dosha (which explain us how we can find that balance!)."

####The Mamamoon Podcast with Nina Jonker-Völker & Kasia Pokrop

“If you're pregnant and are preparing for birth, you might have heard the term "Doula" more than once by now. But what does a doula actually do? How does a doula support you during birth and how does she work with a midwife or your partner? How do you find and choose your doula?

We wanted to know, and so we decided to interview Ombretta Dettori. Amongst many other things, Ombretta is a yoga teacher, ayurvedic practitioner, and a doula in Amsterdam.

She sheds some light on doulas for us, and gives you an idea for the best baby shower gift ever along the way!”

####What do people do? with Rasa Jusionyte & Auste Skrupskyte

“In this episode, Simona Schimanovich, a yoga teacher and transformational coach, talks about overcoming the fear that so often stops us from taking steps toward change. Simona spent 12 years as a designer/art director and lived almost everywhere from Vienna to Melbourn.

Now, she works at some of Amsterdam’s leading yoga studios. Simona shares practical examples and ways to find the courage to make changes in the direction you dream of going.”

####The YAY!YOGA Podcast with Renée Leeuw

“Anna Scott Miller (@annascottmilleryoga) is an Amsterdam-based yoga teacher with an extensive background in both practising and teaching movement. From a very young age, she started practising gymnastics and throughout the years her practice and teachings gained more and more focus on self-development.

In this episode of the YAY!YOGA podcast we talk about Anna’s self-practice, her teaching style and how she empowers students to explore their own needs and capabilities. We also talk about Black Lives Matter in the yoga world and Anna shares some great resources to educate ourselves on this topic.”

We hope that the recommended episodes we have selected are able to support you, now more than ever.

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