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International Yoga Day

Article by Delight Yoga

June 2017

Come and celebrate International Yoga Day with us on June 21st. During International Yoga Day we celebrate yoga and that it embodies unity of mind and body, thought and action.

The essence of Immortality: A Sacred practice by Ven Maritika Rinpoche

Article by Katiza Satya

May 2017

Ohm ॐ, We are honored to have received the teachings and blessings of Maratika Rinpoche at Delight Yoga on May 15th and 18th. We are very grateful to share one of his teachings transmitted in Amsterdam on May 18th, 2017 through this blog. Besides the texts, we hereby share the pictures for visualization of HRIH and Buddha Amitayus with you also.  Long Life Mediation on Amitayus A brief gathering about the essence of Immortality. Taking Refuge (three times)  Ohm ॐ, Ah Hung  To the kind assembly deities of immortality,  and all mandala deities, until we receive the long life Vidyadhara (wisdom) we respectfully take refuge in you.  Generate Bodhicitta (three times)  Hrih, I and all sentient beings, to receive the body of immortality,  by practicing the assembly deities of long life,  through the activity of appropriate training,  may we generate bodhicita to liberate all sentient beings.  Main Visualization Hrih, The self-realized Hri syllable radiates clouds of light rays. All ten directions are encompassed by the vajra (indestructible) tent, in the center of that is the wisdom palace,  in the center of the wisdom palace is an enchanting throne of lotus and sun. There the Hrih syllable transforms itself as Buddha Amitayus, red-colored with hands i the mudra of meditation and holding the long life vase,  adorned with robes and ornaments of the Sambhogakaya and seated in vajra (indestructible) posture,  possessing  all the major and minor marks and emanating brilliant light,  his three sacred places (forehead, throat and heart) are marked by the three syllables, from these three syllables light rays radiate and dissolve into himself  VAJRA SA MA DZA ,DZA HUNG BAM HO  In the heart is a lotus and a moon, on that the concentration is the syllable Hrih,  surrounding the syllable is known as the red mantra,  light rays emanate form by making offerings and then absorb back all the attainments, all beings achieve the body of immortality,  the power of all indestructable and immovable phenomena,  dissolve into the concentration which is Hrih,  all the bodies are filled with the blessings of immortality, like an indestructible vajra,  and the immortal become the great bliss. OM AH HUNG VJRA GYANA AYU KHE HUNG DRUM NIR DZA SAR WA SIDDHI PHALA HUNG AH  (recite this as much as possible with concentration and divine pride silently.  Sometimes do Vajra breathing and mix these two practices) Dissolving Yoga  At then end of the session the contents and container melt into rays, and dissolve into the pure heart syllable Hrih,  that becomes beyond vision and inexpressible,  relax in the nature of immortality. once again instantly arise in the form of the deity,  just like water welling up in water.  Dedication By the merit of this virtues,  accomplishing the Buddha of longevity (Amitayus), may all beings without exception,  be established on that level  Notice for the support of practice:  If you really want to commit to this practice, try to meet up with the group by contacting Annelied Mock at: Find more information on the website:  

On the schedule: meditation courses

Article by Delight Yoga

February 2017

When you practice meditation on a regular basis, you can experience beautiful benefits. From better concentration to less stress. But it needs practice! That's why we are offering four of our weekly meditation classes in a course format. You can follow them in sequence as a three/four month-course or take each separately—depending on your preference and wishes. 

Open Days 11+12 February: free yoga at Weteringschans!

Article by Delight Yoga

January 2017

Open days 11 and 12 February at Weteringschans 53! Don't we all have this friend, family member, neighbour or colleague who says he/she will try yoga one day but never does? In the weekend of 11 and 12 February Delight Yoga offers an open day weekend: Free yoga all weekend - so no more excuses! If they're still hesitating, tell them there will also be free clearings and massages, that will do the job :) 

The Delight of Being

Article by Juno Burger

November 2016

The Delight of Being A senior monk and a junior monk were traveling together. At one point, they came to a river with a strong current. As the monks were preparing to cross the river, they saw a very young and beautiful woman also attempting to cross. The young woman asked if they could help her cross to the other side.

Why do you want to meditate?

Article by Dana Marshall

September 2016

Why do you want to meditate? At ten years old, sitting in front of meditation master Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, I was asked “ Why do you want to meditate?”

Practicing from the inside: Vijnana Yoga

Article by Shirley Woods

August 2016

Practicing from the inside: Vijnana Yoga  We asked expert Shirley Woods to explain a bit more about the principles of vijnana yoga. What is it exactly, how does practicing from the inside work?

Breathing in Ecstasy!

Article by Arno Nistal Ten Veen

August 2016

Breathing in Ecstasy!  In this article Arno gives you some insights in how the way you breathe is directly related to how you feel, and how you exchange energy with life itself with all of your life…

Erica Jago Back at Delight Yoga!

Article by Delight Yoga

August 2016

Erica Jago will be back at Delight Yoga and will be guiding workshops, special classes and some regular classes:

Finding Sanity in an Insane World

Article by Kimberly Poppe

July 2016

Finding Sanity in an Insane World  Each morning when I wake up and look at the news, it feels like the world has gone insane and that we are in some apocalyptic horror movie with a script so badly written that no one would believe it is actually real. 

Opening Weekend Prinseneiland

Article by Delight Yoga

May 2016

Yes!  As you might know, we're opening up our fourth yoga school in Amsterdam on Prinseneiland.  We're really excited that we're heading towards the Opening weekend! In the weekend of 14/15 May everybody is welcome to join us for some free(!) yoga classes, meditation, pranayama, massages, healings, clearings, music and satsang.

Delightful Meditation Classes

Article by Delight Yoga

May 2016

Meditation classes at Delight Yoga We've created a new set up for the Delight Meditation classes. We've identified five styles of meditation, that are now taught at our Delight Yoga schools. You can find the following one hour classes on our regular schedule of both Amsterdam and Den Haag.

Product of the month - April

Article by Delight Yoga

April 2016

Yogandha oils Boost your wellbeing naturally with aroma therapy ‘Gandha’ is sanskrit for fragrance and the fragrant substances made from woods, herbs, plants and resins: sandalwood, myrrh, cedarwood, jasmine, etc.

The Path of Krishnamacharya

Article by Adela Serrano

March 2016

Tirumali Krishnamacharya (1888-1989) is also known as “The Father of Modern Yoga”.  He was born in the south of India, in a Brahmin family and was trained in the study of the Vedas by his father, the Vedas are the basis of what is known as Hinduism.

Product of the month - March

Article by Delight Yoga

March 2016

Pukka's Wholistic Trikatu - recommended by Victoria Hyndman (Ayurvedic Expert) As we are nearing the end of winter and the beginning of spring, this is the time of year when we start to get colds.

Find your sacred space with Tijn Touber

Article by Michel Fijn

February 2016

Once upon a time there was a man; a virtuoso of the guitar and member of one of Hollands most beloved and famous bands in the eighties, Lois Lane. He seemed to have it all – the most desired woman in Holland and a band who caught even the curious eye of superstar Prince, who would later take the whole ensemble on a world tour – all of them except for this man. 

Find your sacred space with Katiza Satya & Kevin Sahaj

Article by Michel Fijn

February 2016

To set foot inside the sacred space of Katiza Satya and Kevin Sahaj is to feel submerged in the very essence of their being. The smell of sandalwood incense, the simple tones of dark wood, earthly colours and matted white walls, the many statues and tokens of those who represent the divine, holding the space that is their home now;

The mind, meditation and creativity

Article by Deborah Quibell

February 2016

Every creative knows that our most valuable resource is not our mac, our Leica camera, new oil paints, or the latest high-tech software. It is our mind. Creativity erupts from ideas. And ideas erupt from the mind. But what is the mind, really?

The power of listening

Article by Deborah Quibell

February 2016

I walked in a bit early for the interview. I had been thinking about it for many days, and felt simultaneously excited and immensely settled.  I had known the work of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche for some time, but had never had the pleasure to meet him in person.