Construction update: Scheveningseweg tramline

by Katka Jacz, 01-Sep-2018

Starting the end of August, Gemeente Den Haag and public transport company HTM will begin construction work on the Scheveningseweg tram line.


Between 27 August and the end of December 2018, The Scheveningseweg will be closed to trams, buses and other motorized traffic. According to HTM, the foundations of the track have sunk and need to be replaced. The route of line 1 will also be made suitable for new trams. Read more on the nature of the construction works here.


Our studio will only be accessible to local traffic. Other traffic will be rerouted via diversion routes. This might affect your preferred route to and from our studio. If you use a car or public transport to visit the studio, please review your itinerary well before your visit.


In addition to possible accessibility challenges, we expect a certain degree of sound to be noticeable in the studio, especially during the first 4 to 6 weeks. We realize this situation is not very desirable for the daily practice in our studio. We have asked the Gemeente to be mindful of our presence, and of the calm environment that we try to create on a daily basis to facilitate you in your practice.


They have ensured us that precautions have been made to limit intrusive sounds. When asked if they could be extra considerate when working around the area of our studio, however, they could not comply. This considering the heavy nature of the construction works. During the entire project, work will be carried out from Monday to Saturday between 07.00 and 22.00 hrs. They will especially pay strict attention to noise levels after 19.00 hrs.


We have informed all of our teachers of this situation and have asked them to incorporate it into their classes if they see the opportunity or need to do so. We would also like to invite you to do the same. We regret any inconvenience you might experience, and our together with our Hosts will focus on creating the space needed for these experiences to exist. So please let us know if you feel disturbed, annoyed, or otherwise obstructed in your practice.


We would like to challenge you to engage in this 'mindfulness exercise' with patience, acceptance and curiosity, together with us. Taking it by the moment and channeling your inner peace. Because after all, silence lives within.


Thank you for your consideration and understanding.


Katka Jacz

Studio Manager


About Katka Jacz

Katka discovered yoga quite unexpectedly. While taking time off and traveling after her studies she found herself on a Caribbean beach in an impromptu yoga class, and immediately knew that something had shifted in her life forever.