Wisdom in Business conference: Business leaders battle the burn-out

by Quinten de Haas, 21-Sep-2018

On Friday 5 October 2018, Dutch leaders in business and creativity will meet in the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam to work together on beautiful solutions for a stress-free work environment. The Wisdom in Business conference is specifically designed to give business leaders the means to counteract the growing stress on the work floor in a constructive way and to create an organizational culture that makes it possible to realize the demand for sustainable innovations. In this way, the organization flawlessly responds to the growing need for employers and employees to tackle it differently in a professional environment.

As business leaders, we are at a crucial moment in history. The future of the work is unpredictable; rapid technological developments contribute to a global cognition crisis; stress, anxiety, burn-out and loneliness are nowadays increasingly becoming the norm; and the well-being of the planet is far from balanced.

The question Wisdom in Business poses is: How can we prepare leaders to meet the expectations of this time, and also as wise leaders to take action for the health of themselves, their teams, stakeholders, the planet and thus also our future generations?

The inner technology of mindfulness and compassion offers a practical and scientifically based solution. Research shows that practising this consistently leads to changes in the brain and in the body that translate into better health, creativity, collaboration, emotional intelligence and decision-making - all essential elements of wisdom in business.

That is why this day, in the most beautiful places in Amsterdam, offers a diverse program to inspire leaders and give them the tools to fight the burn-out problem with sessions that focus on:
- how meditation and breathing can keep you and your team energetic
- how achieving a place of silence can help you to form a clear vision and can lead to innovation
- how calming your inner self will make you get more done
- how meditation and music are powerful means to get into a state of flow

In a 10-year McKinsey study, it was reported that top executives who work from a state of flow are no less than 5 times more productive. This means that if you are in a state of flow on Monday, you can actually take the rest of the week off and still get more done.


Max Strom - How our breathing can create a state of flow

Max's session examines the interdisciplinary method, Inner Axis. This is a system that has achieved a lot of success worldwide with individuals, nowadays accepted by companies as a sustainable mindfulness program and is implemented by organizations that, besides being successful, want to see healthy people in the workplace and make a meaningful difference in the world. Inner Axis is an innovative method that includes well-being exercises, breathwork and breath-based yoga movements, to generate personal health and growth, and allows people to flow.

Herman Wijffels - How meditation can lead to sustainable creations

During the session, Dr Wijffels will share his insights on how a place of silence will bring you home, stimulate creativity and make sensible decisions. To bring you into the right state of being, the session will begin with a guided meditation. The Q&A, led by Maarten van Huijstee, elaborates on meditation and the state of flow, and how this can stimulate innovation, mindful leadership and meaningful success in the workplace.

Scilla Elworthy - Awakened Leadership

Scilla's Awakened Leadership workshop will focus on balancing female with male intelligence. This teaches you key leadership skills to prevent and resolve conflicts at work, in the community and at home. Scilla will tell you which leadership qualities are needed, based on her own work experiences with Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela! She will share exercises to create inspiring leaders for societies and companies in balance and peace.

Parneet Pal - Scaling Wisdom in Business

Parneet Pal is part of the team of Wisdom Labs, an organization that focuses on wisdom as a scalable skill for leaders and organizations. Her mission as a graduate physician at Harvard and Colombia is to improve people's well-being with innovative models for behavioural changes. She will share her experiences with Wisdom Labs and will give a clear summary of the latest science, including interesting exercises.

What: Wisdom in Business
When: Friday 5 October 2018, 09.30-18.00
Where: The Royal Concertgebouw, Amsterda
Tickets: Early Bird Ticket: €189,- / Regular Ticket: €241,-

More info and ticket sales: innerpeaceconference.org/wisdominbusiness


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