Women's Circle: living real sisterhood

by Katiza Satya, 16-Nov-2017

We are happy to open the doors in a more consistent way to something that has been knocking at the door of Delight Yoga for a while: offering a sacred space and sharing time to the fact that we are so many women practicing Yoga and finding a way to live consciously and making a difference in our realities and the world we are in.
With good intentions, we enter the path of yoga, inner growth, inner reflection, etc. We find answers, however, it seems that there is always something missing... We are somehow in need of refuge and a healthy ground to re-construct and reevaluate our lives.
Women's time has come now (It is women's time NOW!) to heal and reconnect with our true wisdom, we need to awake and take responsibility for our deep disappointments, hurts, pains and denials and allow the healing to take place. This inner healing is the healing of Humanity, we as women need to take the leap NOW, for the benefit of our self, our loved ones, our children and finally heal all of our relations, (and) to give back to humanity what has been lost. 

Why do we need sisterhood now?
Women give birth to Life. All that is materialized in the world created by humans, is the creation of women because we allow it consciously and unconsciously. In that way, women are responsible for how planet earth is affected by our human kingdom. And by that, we have a role. Just like men have their own role. Only we (yes we do this ourselves:)) have been neglecting or true role, our true nature. That's why it's women time now, to heal what is preventing us from being who we truly are. When we step into that femininity, we automatically give space for men to do the same. We can start weaving this new reality cause we, women, are so near to true nature: our physical conditions, our moon cycle, remind us constantly that we are open and vulnerable, so we can love infinitely and with no conditions ♥

Embracing this fact gives us freedom, strength and wisdom!

Let's weave a new reality. Together. In sisterhood. Respecting all, loving all, including all men.

We are opening the door for that.
Next up: This Sunday November 19th from 15.00 to 17.00 at Prinseneiland. Bookable through the normal schedule: https://delightyoga.com/studio/schedule/amsterdam


About the circle's

Every month the classes are connected to the theme of the month, in line with the moon. Most probably most of you will be connected with this time naturally. The wisdom of the moon themes come through Jamie Sams. She shares this in the book 'The 13 Orginal Clan Mothers'. 
Our intention is to create real sisterhood. A save community to share, be vulnerable, liberate pain and awaken the True woman that you are. 
We will come together in circle’s monthly, planned around the full moon. There are 13th moon cycles in a year and therefore 13 circles. There will be practices and time for sharing and connecting with other sisters. 
It's a special class, bookable a week before through the regular schedule. 

We are looking forward to sharing and growing together! 

Dates Amsterdam

The dates are, as much as possible, planned on a Friday around the full moon. 

1st moon cycle - January 12th*, 18.15 - 20.15 at the Weteringschans (full moon 03-01)
2nd moon cycle - February 2nd, 18.15 - 20.15 at the Weteringschans (full moon 31-01)
3rd moon cycle - March 2nd, 18.15 - 20.15 at the Weteringschans  (full moon 02-03)
4th moon cycle - April 6th, 18.15 - 20.15 at the Weteringschans (full moon 01-04)
5th moon cycle - May 4th, 18.15 - 20.15 at the Weteringschans
6th moon cycle - June 1st, 18.15 - 20.15 at the Weteringschans (full moon 30-05) 
7th moon cycle - June 29th, 18.15 - 20.15 at the Weteringschans (full moon 29-06) 
8th moon cycle - August 10th, 18.15 - 20.15 at the Weteringschans (new moon 11-08)
9th moon cycle - August 31st, 18.15 - 20.15 at the Weteringschans  (full moon 27-08) 
10th moon cycle - September 28th, 18.15 - 20.15 at the Weteringschans (full moon 26-09) 
11th moon cycle - October 26th 18:15-20:15 at the Weteringschans (full moon 25-10)
12th moon cycle - November 23rd, 18.15 - 20.15 at the Weteringschans (full moon 24-11)
13th moon cycle - December 21st, 18.15 - 20.15 at the Weteringschans (This is the Winter Solstice!) full moon 23-12)

Dates The Hague

3rd moon cycle - Sunday March 11th, 14:00-16:00 at Schevingseweg 
6th moon cycle - Sunday July 15th, 14:00-16:00 at Schevingseweg 
9th moon cycle - Friday September 14th, 18:15-20:15 at Schevingseweg 
12th moon cycle - Friday December 14th, 18:15-20:15 at Schevingseweg 

About Katiza Satya

Katiza Satya is a yogini in heart and soul. She is An experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (ERYT500-RYT 500) and licensed to certify students at the 200 & 500 hour levels.