Black Lives Matter Solidarity Statement

Black Lives Matter Solidarity Statement

By: Delight Yoga

Delight Yoga stands in solidarity with Black communities and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Delight Yoga was created to help people to connect to their true Self and inner peace. We have heard the world speak up for those who are unable to live in peace due to external power structures. We feel it is important to use our platform to create awareness of the systemic racism that the Black community has endured for hundreds of years, culminating in senseless violence and murders.

One of yoga's core principles is 'Ahimsa’, ‘non-harm’ or ‘non-violence’. Ahimsa teaches us to practice non-violence to all beings in word, deed and even in thought, to be aware of how our internal behaviour affects the world around us, and to live our lives with love and compassion. From this place we listen, learn, speak, and take action. Speaking up against violence and injustice is yoga.

Our dharma (sacred duty) is to make authentic yoga, meditation, and healing accessible to everyone. The last weeks have clearly shown us that we have work to do and we have to acknowledge our privileges and blind spots. There are issues with inclusivity and diversity within our yoga school as well as within the whole yoga industry. We are currently looking into what actions we can take to create change and ensure everyone feels welcome practising, teaching, and applying to work at Delight Yoga.

Our first steps toward change are the following commitments:

- We will prioritize diversity and inclusion and embed this goal throughout our organization, including management, marketing and programming.

- We will focus on recruiting a more diverse team of teachers, hosts, and staff.

- We will use all our platforms of communication to promote diverse voices and raise awareness of injustice in the world.

- We will provide programming that broadens the diversity and inclusion of our offerings.

- We will create ‘karma projects’ to support under-resourced communities and make sure Delight is a safe space that feels welcoming and inclusive.

- We will enlist the help of diversity and inclusion experts and resources to educate our organization in order to create both internal and external transformation.

Complex issues need layered solutions and there is no quick fix. We realize that we have a long way to go, and it will take some time for us to change. We have much to learn and understand, and we accept that reality with humility and a strong motivation to grow. We do not have all the answers yet, but want and must do better, and we keep on listening and learning along the way.

We encourage our peers in the yoga community to reach out, so we can share ideas and make a collective and ongoing change for inclusivity and diversity in the yoga industry.

Yoga is unity. Yoga is for everyone.

We stand against racism.

Black lives matter.

Artwork by @noharanda

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