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Delight Online: 5 Tips for Building a Home Yoga Practice

By: Delight Yoga

"Nobody but you can experience the mystery of your sacred Body, Heart and Mind, and the only way to find out is to turn your eyes towards yourself and explore the sacred mystery of 'who am I'." - Kevin Sahaj

Practising yoga at home is a very different experience from taking a class in a studio. Many yogis struggle to keep up their practice without the encouragement of a teacher or the presence of fellow students, however, an online yoga practice offers the opportunity to connect with yourself in a beautiful way.

We have created the following list of tips to help you to develop your own personal home practice. We hope you can use this time at home to start a new path in your yogic journey.

####1. Realize the Sacred Nature of a Home Practice Yoga is a personal practice, one that allows you to dive deep within and connect to your body, heart, and inner self. Each breath offers the opportunity to connect to the current moment, and by the end of each session, your mind is calm and your body is balanced.

One of the beautiful parts of online yoga is that there is an incredible variety of classes to choose from, giving you the chance to connect to your own inner wisdom and listen to what your body needs. Do you want to slow down and restore yourself? Does your body crave movement? Or is meditation all you need today?

Taking an online class can be a sacred part of your day. Instead of seeing it as a chore, or another necessary obligation, try to view the time you spend on your mat as a special moment for you to honour your own needs.

####2. Create a Sacred Space Creating a beautiful place in your home that encourages your regular practice is incredibly important. The more inviting the space is, the more you will feel like stepping onto your mat!

Set up your space - make sure there is enough room for movement and remove any distractions that could disturb your practice.

There are a variety of traditions you can draw upon to create a sacred space for your practice. You can create a small altar adorned with photographs, statues, or crystals. Whatever it might be - make it personal to you.

####3. Invest in a yoga mat and props While buying yogic props and accessories is not required for a yoga practice, it does help to invest in equipment that will make your practice as enjoyable and safe as possible.

Don’t have access to any props or accessories? It’s also easy to use household items to support your practice. Use thick books instead of blocks or couch cushions instead of meditation pillows. Make sure your practice is comfortable, but remember that one of the beautiful characteristics of yoga is that it does not require much more than your body!

####4. Find the Teacher & Online Practice You Enjoy Your home practice can consist of whatever you desire. Whether that’s a Silent Sit morning meditation, the Astanga Primary Sequence, or a Restorative class - find the style you enjoy!

Your experience can be radically different from one class to another - even in classes within the same yoga style. Some teachers focus more on the physical aspects of yoga, others on yogic philosophy and spirituality. We recommend trying out several teachers to find out who resonates with you.

We invite you to try our online platform. You’ll have access to more than 70+ classes a week, featuring a variety of teachers and styles of authentic yoga, suitable for every level and need.

####5. Dive into an Online Yoga Training For those who would like to use this time at home to strengthen their yoga practice, Delight Yoga offers online workshops and trainings that will guide you through developing a home practice and teach you how to truly integrate yoga into your daily life.

We hope these tips help you adapt to this new situation, and experience the beauty of a home practice in your own life.

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