Delight Online: New and Improved!
Jan 5, 2022

Delight Online: New and Improved!

By: Delight Yoga

We are excited to share with you that the Delight Online platform has a brand new look!

Many improvements have been made and as this is the 1st version, be sure to expect new additions over time.

New Changes

Filter Feature

Now with the new filter feature, you can easily navigate to the Livestreams, the Online Library, and the Online Journeys for a complete overview of each page.


Not only will you have an overview of the Zoom/YouTube classes’ schedule, but you will also be able to see and book upcoming livestream Special Classes as well as the regular recurring classes such as the Silent Sit Meditation, Morning/Evening Routine Class, the Prenatal Yoga classes, and more.

Note: The schedule now allows you to see which classes are live Zoom classes and which are prerecorded, making it easier to choose which you would like to follow.

Online Library

In our Library, you will find many videos with a wide selection of yoga styles, guided by many of your favourite teachers, and ranging from a duration of 10 to 90 minutes. In addition, newly added classes to the library will have a "New" tag.

Note: A filter feature will soon be added to help you find the exact video you may be looking for. You will be able to customize your yoga practice based on the particular style, teacher, duration time, and level that suits you best. In addition, you will also be able to sort all the videos from A to Z, based on their popularity, and based on what has been recently added.


Here you will find a complete overview of all the Journeys you can follow to deepen your practice such as Beginners Astanga and more. A few of the current Journeys are still ongoing, so be sure to keep an eye for new updates - we will notify you, of course, so you will never miss out. New Journeys will also be featured soon.

There is more to come for Delight Online, so stay tuned!

If there is anything that is unclear, or you have any questions, please let us know at

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