Delight Yoga offering Treatments & Consultations during COVID-19

By: Delight Yoga

These times of change ask for extra self-care and nurturing of our minds and bodies. We are happy to announce that we are able to welcome you again for a relaxing, rejuvenating or therapeutic treatment by one of our specialists in our serene treatment spaces.

Our offerings are based on authentic eastern techniques, giving you physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and leaving you with a feeling of total relaxation and peace. All our healings are based on a holistic view of well-being, integrating the physical with mental and spiritual practices. With these treatments and healings we aim to support you on your path in creating space and awareness.

If you’re considering ​a massage or healing session but you need help picking, ​we’re happy to help you, just reach out!

To make sure the studio is a tranquil and safe environment for everyone, we will apply the following guidelines, based on RIVM measures:

  • We won’t shake hands but greet with the ‘Namasté gesture’.

  • When you enter the studio, you wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap.

  • Keep 1.5 meter (2 arms lengths) distance from the host.

  • Please come alone.

  • Please don’t arrive any sooner than 5 minutes before the appointment takes place.

  • Please bring your own (large) towel.

  • The payment will be made by card.

  • DON’T come to the studio if you have any symptoms (e.g.: fever, respiratory complaints such as coughing, difficulty breathing, nasal cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, light cough, slight temperature).

  • DON’T come to the studio if you have family members/roommates with a fever and/or respiratory complaints.

​- DON’T come to the studio if you’ve been in touch with people with COVID-19 in the past 21 days.

  • On the day of the appointment, our host will call you to do a health check provided by the RIVM for your own and our safety.

We will make sure you enter a relaxed and safe environment. We will take cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing very seriously as well in the massage room as the communal area and we will thoroughly clean any objects clients touch (e.g.: toilet, massage table, door handles and other props and products relevant to your treatment). We will be spacing our appointments mindfully so we have adequate time to clean between and minimize interaction with other clients. It’s not mandatory but if you feel safer wearing a face mask, you are of course welcome to do so.

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