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Delight Yoga’s 2022 Teacher Trainings

By: Delight Yoga

A yoga teacher training is an opportunity to dive deeper into your practice, gain deeper insights into the unique structures of your body and mind, explore yogic philosophy, and find confidence and empowerment in your daily life. Delight Yoga offers 20, 35, 50, 100, 200, and 300-hour teacher training programs in different yogic traditions for you to expand your practice and experience personal growth. Read on to discover which of our 2022 trainings is perfect for you.

Pre-Teacher-Training (50-hour)

Delight Yoga is offering a unique opportunity to our students who wish to establish or deepen their personal home practice. We have designed a 50-Hour training for everyone interested in learning how to practice yoga in a balanced and intentional manner. This program also serves as a pre-teacher training for students that are planning to attend the Basic Teacher Training.

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Basic Teacher-Training (200-hour)

The Basic Teacher Training is an intensive training for everyone who wants to become a yoga teacher or go deeper into their own yoga practice.

In 3 intensive weeks of training in Portugal and Amsterdam, we will offer you an all round program based on Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Hatha yoga practices.

This is a unique and transformative training​ program, with fully accredited and inspiring teachers, registered with Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour teacher training.

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Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (300-hour)

The Delight Advanced Teacher Training are 300+ hours training for yoga teachers and dedicated yoga practitioners looking for further guidance and inspiration in their practice and teaching. During the Advanced Teacher Training, we take you even deeper in your yogic journey. The Advanced Teacher Training consists of two intensive retreats in yoga retreat center D'Alijo (Portugal) and of three modules on the topics you select. So you can shape your own yogic path.

The Advanced Teacher Training is a Yoga Alliance registered program (300 hours). The elements of the training are rescheduled every year, so the full study can be followed within one year or at your own pace and in the sequence that suits you best.

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Pranayama Teacher Training (200-hour)

This is a unique opportunity for yoga teachers and dedicated practitioners to experience directly the rich physical and spiritual benefits of traditional pranayamic practices. You will learn how to teach these practices correctly, based on authoritative, traditional and scientific grounds.

This Pranayama Teacher Training course is designed for Delight Yoga following the lineage of Kaivalyadham. It presents nearly 200 hours of practice and instruction in the ancient science of pranayama, taught directly by Sri Sudhir Tiwari in the lineage of Kaivalyadham and his father Sri OP Tiwari.

We also offer a Pre-Pranayama Teacher Training (50-hour).

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Prison Yoga (18-hour Training)

The Prison Yoga Project, in collaboration with Delight Yoga, is offering a special workshop for yoga teachers and committed yoga practitioners interested in sharing practices with people who have been impacted by trauma.

James Fox, Founding Director of the Prison Yoga Project, will lead the two-day event drawing on his ten years of experience establishing yoga and mindfulness programs in both adult and youth prisons in the U.S., Mexico, and Europe, as well as his eighteen years of teaching classes at San Quentin Prison.

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Trauma Sensitive Yoga (20-hour Training)

This 3-day workshop will introduce participants to the core concepts and applications of David Emerson's highly regarded intervention for Complex Trauma and Developmental Trauma. On completion of this 3-day training, you will have achieved a thorough understanding of the core concepts of Trauma-Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY). And more importantly, you will have learned techniques that you can implement in your practice immediately, helping your clients’ improve their mental and physical well-being.

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Restorative Yoga (35-hour Training)

To ‘rest’, to ‘relax’ and to ‘restore’ is a natural vital process in our lives. Rest supports optimal physiological functioning and promotes healing and growth. During rest, one’s autonomic nervous system switches from sympathetic-dominance to parasympathetic-dominance, regeneration, and restoration is accelerated. Research has shown that relaxation and rest are essential to everyone of all ages and cultures, size and shape.

Come and learn the science and art of Restorative Yoga; the skills to practise active relaxation.

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The Craft of Flow - Vinyasa Krama Yoga (50-hour Training)

This advanced 7-day training for yoga teachers is given by Moena de Jong and Fleur van Zonneveld who are both experienced Vinyasa teachers. You will deepen your own practice as well as your teaching skills based on the fluid method of Vinyasa Krama. You will learn how to create and keep the flow going in your classes while holding space for your students so they can experience their own journey within the safety of a well designed class.

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Yin Yoga (50-hour Training)

Surrounded by mountains and waterfalls, we will go deep within ourselves and our practices to understand the basic principles of yin & yang philosophy and how these concepts affect our bodies, our physiology and our health. We will look into our own body to understand how it moves and what it needs. And we will look deep within our hearts to understand our choices, our pitfalls and our capacity to understand and to heal.

This course is intended to generate a deeply nourishing experience for body, heart and soul.

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Yoga Nidra & Healing the Inner Elements (50-hour Training)

In this module, you will refine your knowledge on advanced skills in guiding your students during Yoga Nidra: the magical journey that expresses the art of relaxation and achieving a state of deeper awareness. Yoga Nidra (or Yogic sleep practice) means sleep with a trace of awareness. It is a state of mind between wakefulness and dream. During the practice of Nidra, our consciousness travels from one layer of consciousness to another.

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Yogi-Preneurship (4-hour Training)

During this 4-hour workshop, Tara will guide you through the facts and figures of the yoga landscape and help you discover your unique opportunities to spark. You will dive deep within your soul to find your dharma; eg. specialising in office yoga, becoming a retreat organizer, or a marketeer for a yogastudio. You’ll create a base for your potential as yogipreneur and learn that you can earn a sustainable income from your passion for yoga.

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Yoga & Ayurveda (50-hour Training)

In this program led by Victoria Raven Hyndman, you will experience how we are all made up of nature's five great elements, the Pancha Mahabhutas (Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) and how to live according to these laws of nature, enabling us to meet our fullest individual potential.

The focus of this course is on how to apply the tools offered by Ayurveda for both preventative and healing purposes for the mind, body and spirit through yoga asana, meditation, pranayama, mudra (specific hand gestures which activate different energies in the physical and mental bodies), mantra (energetic sounds), and marma (energetic points on the body).

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Yoga & Mindfulness (50-hour Training)

We can’t change the circumstances we live in, but we can do something about how we deal with them. Would you like to increase your own well-being and feel more empowered in your life?

During this 50-hour training, you will not only learn to deepen your meditation practice, but you’ll also learn to establish a practice in moving meditation with purpose to tone vagus activation and strengthen your ability to self-regulate.

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Yoga & Healing (50-hour Training)

Healing yoga is a series of practices synthesized from Tibetan Yoga, Chinese Qi Gong, Hatha Yoga, Tibetan medicine and Ayurveda. The practice is simple and easy to learn, anyone regardless of age and experience can benefit by following this method.

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The Heart Retreat (100-hour)

A unique opportunity for dedicated yoga practitioners looking for further guidance and inspiration in their practice: a 10-day (100-hour training) retreat guided by Satya Katiza and Kevin Sahaj at D'Alijo Yoga Retreat Center in the beautifully green region of Northern Portugal.

This retreat is a 10-day (100-hour) training - which can be followed individually or in combination with the Advanced Teacher Training - where you will have the opportunity to deepen into the yoga that is most suited to your individual needs and will give you the foundational ground, connection, and steadiness to become a living yogi or yogini.

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The Mind Retreat (100-hour)

This retreat is a silent 100-hour training where we will investigate the Mind as true scientists within our own laboratory. The philosophical ground of practice will be based on non-dual practices, Buddhism, and Tantra.

In The Mind retreat, you will have the opportunity to deepen into the yoga that is most suited to your individual needs and will give you the foundational ground, connection, and steadiness to become a living yogi or yogini.

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