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Delight Yoga's Favourite Sanskrit Words

Sanskrit, the most ancient of human languages, is also known as ‘Devanagari’, which literally translated means ‘language of the gods’. Since the Sanskrit words are the actual sound manifestations, we use them when chanting.

Mantras can be translated, but their translations do not have the same power. Sound, made up of vibrations, is energy. A Sanskrit Mantra is mystical energy encased in a sound structure. To release the energy from the sound, we learn to repeat it as a certain rhythm. When you start repeating a Mantra, it creates a specific thought pattern; the energy literally manifests itself. ⁣

You may be familiar with Sanskrit after hearing the beautiful sounds interwoven throughout your yoga classes. We asked the Delight Community for their favourite Sanskrit words and their meaning - read on for some Sanskrit magic.


Impermanence. Everything is constantly changing, nothing lasts forever

Isabell Johansson


Hridaya means heart.

HRI = to give, DA = to take, YA = balance.

So the heart is that which gives and takes in perfect balance.

Roos Neeter


My favorite Sanskrit word is SVASTHA, the Ayurvedic definition of health.

SVA = my own self, STHA = to be/situated."

Dennis Laubenthal


Oil & Love/Affection

Sarah Mead


From the root Tap=burning/ to be hot.

The fire needed to achieve something (spiritual re-birth).

My own interpretation of tapas is: The willingness to go through intensity (fire) for the sake of transformation.

Adela Serrano


Madhu is my favourite Sanskrit word, it means sweetness or honey/nectar.

It is a beautiful reminder that life is supposed to be sweet and delicious.

Simone Verkaik


Sat: Truth, the spark of existence - that which exists always.

Chit: Complete awareness and deep recognition of the absolute as yourself.

Ananda: Bliss, Peace, Joy.

Jolijn Bruijnaers


"My favourite Sanskrit word is स्नेह - Sneha, meaning both love and oil!

And that's exactly what I feel when I do Abhyanga in the morning: a little moment of self-love!

(can you imagine that my heart explodes with love when I massage my little one with warm oil?!)

And I find it amazing that Sanskrit has over 200 words for LOVE!

To express all the different kinds of love or ways of loving someone or feeling while being in love."

Lidewij Severins


"Hatha can be translated as ha meaning “sun” and tha meaning “moon.

Anne-Sophie Eckert

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