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Jan 4, 2022

Demystifying HypnoBirthing

By: Kasia Pokrop

A Common Misconception

When we think of HypnoBirthing, perhaps the sentiments “hypnosis”, “losing control”, and “not being conscious of what is happening around us” may come to mind. This is not entirely surprising as it is not a typical topic that arises in everyday life. Fortunately, this transformative practice is nothing of the sort.

What HypnoBirthing Actually Is

It is a holistic birth preparation course where we use elements of hypnosis to ease the birthing experience. It consists of anatomy lessons, a review of different labour management styles, preparation of a personalized birthing plan, partner practices for pregnancy and labour to ease the experience, and only then using elements of hypnosis for a positive birthing experience.

When referring to hypnosis, it is merely a deep state of relaxation when we become open for suggestions, but when we are in control of what we do throughout the whole time.

What to Expect from the HypnoBirthing Course

During the HypnoBirthing Course, The Mongan Method, we combine elements of a birthing preparation course with characteristics of your country/environment/health situation, and we give you tools to stay relaxed and calm during the whole process.

Why is it so important to stay relaxed during labour? Is it even possible?

Imagine you’re using the toilet and someone suddenly opens the door. Instinctively, your body’s function freezes, and you hold. Well, the same thing can happen during labour. While being in the process of birthing your baby, maybe someone enters the room, someone that you don’t feel comfortable with. Distractions like these can make you lose your focus, even for the briefest of moments. The result: you hold.

During this part of your birthing journey, you should be focused on keeping everything open and relaxed if you would like to welcome your baby soon, so the complete opposite is required.

Here are a few things we do during the course:

  • We learn how to stay calm and relaxed with breathing, visualization, massages, and special positions to ease any sensations you may feel
  • We learn how to identify when you are stressed, for yourself, and for your birthing companion
  • We learn what to do when you find yourself anxious, to make sure you return to your calm self
  • And we learn how to eliminate anything that could trigger us the wrong way during labour. It can be anything about the birthing environment, but also anything that we carry ourselves as expectations towards birth and parenting life: fears, anxieties, and doubts.

The course provides a variety of tools:

  • Special breathing techniques for labour
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Massage techniques
  • Visualizations
  • Affirmations
  • Education that supports you throughout the whole pregnancy
  • Poses to relieve common pregnancy pains
  • Positions for birthing
  • Partner Practices to support you during labour and birth
  • And much more...

The list is very long, so it is very hard to find a person that would step out of the course without finding at least a few tools helpful to them on their journey.

Benefits of HypoBirthing

  • Experience a calm and relaxed birthing process
  • Less exertion of energy
  • Little to no interventions necessary during the birthing
  • Reduce the risk of pelvic floor damage by replacing pushing with breathing techniques
  • You partner plays an integral role as a supporter rather than an onlooker in the birthing process
  • Your baby enters the world in a tranquil manner, resulting in them being happier and well-adjusted

HypnoBirthing works. It’s so simple, that it has to work. There is no magic or big secrets to reveal, it is about bringing out what is already within you, about gaining trust in yourself. It’s about being in charge rather than following what you are told to do, more easily accepting what comes your way. And once you are there, you will notice that it stays with you during your parenting life as well.

HypnoBirthing is so much more than a birth preparation course, it’s the way you start looking at life, and how you welcome life into the world.

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