Dive into Traditional Hatha Yoga with Sri Sudhir Tiwari

Dive into Traditional Hatha Yoga with Sri Sudhir Tiwari

By: Delight Yoga

We are honoured to announce that Sri Sudhir Tiwari will once again offer his teachings at Delight Yoga in an online setting. Sri Sudhir Tiwari is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expertise on traditional Pranayama and Asana in the Kaivalyadhama lineage (located in Lonavla in India) within our community.

##What to Expect

In this 4-day online course, you will directly experience the rich physical and spiritual benefits of traditional pranayama practices and hatha yoga asana toward meditation.

####Benefits such as:

  • Improved breathing
  • Balanced energies in the body which helps with pains and aches
  • With daily practice, it induces meditative states and quietens the mind
  • Sedative effect - relaxes the entire body
  • Cultivated inner harmony

This workshop is suitable for yoga practitioners of all levels and styles. The recordings of the practices will be shared afterwards for 30 days to continue your practice.

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