Donations for Moria on International Peace Day 21 September 2020

By: Delight Yoga

Earlier this month a refugee camp in Lesbos, Greece, burned down, leaving 13.000 migrants without shelter. On 21 September International Peace Day Delight Yoga will raise donations for ‘Because we Carry’.

On International Peace Day you can donate for Moria through the buttons above the regular schedule on At the end of the day, Delight Yoga will double the total amount of donations made by her students.

More info about Because We Carry:

Because We Carry acts according to the saying ‘less talk, more action’. On Lesbos, rotating teams of volunteers act to alleviate the ongoing human suffering of people arriving on their way to a safe haven.

The teams help those arriving on feeble boats on the inhospitable shore, by handing out dry clothes, deliver baby carriers for the long walking journey ahead, and supply the often exhausted people with food. We also aim to bring joy and spark some hope and respect into this further desperate context. The teams of volunteers provide their own funding; every donated euro will go straight to its purpose.

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