Special Offer: Free access to Mysore for 1 month for Delight Members!
Mar 4, 2022

Special Offer: Free access to Mysore for 1 month for Delight Members!

By: Delight Yoga

Have you always wanted to dip your toes into Ashtanga Yoga? Now's the perfect time! Delight Members can now get free access to Mysore for 1 month (worth € 30,-) Read on to find out how.

What is Mysore? The Mysore Program is a method of practice for the Ashtanga Yoga sequence, a series of postures connected by powerful movement, breath, and attention. This is the traditional method for learning Ashtanga, which is taught through one-on-one instruction from a teacher.

Are you new to Mysore and unsure of how to start a “self-practice? Please do not let that hold you back! No prior knowledge is needed, and the sequence does not need to be memorised before you start. Our teachers look forward to helping you form a daily practice aligned with your needs.

How to get access: Step 1: Buy a Delight Membership here Step 2: When you have activated your Delight Membership you can get your ‘Free Month Mysore Trial’ here Step 3: Book your Mysore Class through the schedule and select the pass ‘Free Month Mysore Trial’

Already a Delight Member? You can get your Free Month Mysore Trial through the link below: here

Note: The Free Month Mysore Trial is only available to Delight Members. This offer is valid until 31 of March 2022. The free month is valid from the moment you activate the ‘Free Month Mysore Trial’ pass.*

If you have a Delight Membership and see the message ‘you can not buy this pass’ please contact our Community Care department

Everything you need to know before your first Mysore Class

  • Practice for a maximum of six days a week. Make sure you reserve one day of rest. In our programs, a rest day is taken on Saturdays.
  • There is no Mysore practice on the new and full moon each month.
  • If you have an injury or sickness, practice with the intention to heal, and let your teacher know so you can adjust your practice safely.
  • The room is mostly silent, and the teacher (and assistant) walk around to help students individually. While you will receive verbal instructions to learn new postures, most of the assists will be in the form of "hands-on adjustments". Should you have any injuries or sensitivities in your body, please inform the teacher at the beginning of your practice.
  • No warm-up is necessary. Keep your energy and intention up by entering and beginning the practice.
  • To make efficient use of the space in the room, we ask you to come and practice at the stated schedule times. There is a bit of flexibility around the starting time, so you can start up to 15 minutes before or after the stated starting time. Make sure your practice ends before the end of the shift (including rest time).
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