Free Kids Yoga Videos

By: Delight Yoga

Dear Delight Family,

In the last few weeks we (re)introduced kids yoga on our schedule to support the mothers and fathers within our community and to allow kids to move, play and have fun at home. Marije Roede teaches wonderful classes with simplicity and an open heart.

As a gesture to all parents in lockdown times, we want to make 4 classes freely available to everybody. Below you find four youtube links to the free Kids Yoga classes.

These links are free for everyone! So please practice with your kids, send them to other children in your family and share these links in the group chats from your children's school. It is our wish that all children in Amsterdam & Den Haag get the opportunity to practice and enjoy yoga just as much as their parents do.

Introduction to Kids Yoga (4-7 years old)

Kids Yoga (4 -7 years old)

Kids Yoga (7 - 12 years old)

Kids Yoga (7 - 12 years old)

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