Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon in Aries

By: Simona Schimanovich

Right in the middle of Libra season, the full moon on the 1st of October falls into the fiery sign of Aries. While the sun is in Libra which is all about connection, relationships and harmony, the full moon highlights the opposite sign.

####As the first sign, Aries is the child of the Zodiac. It is connected to our individual identities, asking “What do I need? What do I want?” This full moon asks us to find a healthy middle ground - so we can be in connection with others while still honouring our own needs.

As the first fire sign, Aries symbolises the creative spark – the impulse and initiative to take action. Ruled by the planet Mars, named after the God of war, it gives us courage, drive and energy – but can also bring out anger and aggression.

Mars is currently moving through Aries, its own sign, where it stays unusually long this year. At the moment it is going Retrograde until mid-November – so if you’ve been feeling somewhat tired and sluggish in the last few weeks you might be feeling the influence of this transit.

The astrology of the next 12 weeks points to a very dynamic time with a lot of fiery Yang energy. Mars in Aries, ready to assert its individual rights, triggers the planets in Capricorn that have been the major theme of this transformative year.

The heavy-weight planets in Capricorn - Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter - symbolise authority, governments, institutions, rules, and regulations. These alignments point to power struggles on the world stage as old structures are dissolving, creating space for a new paradigm to emerge.

It will be a time to take a second breath, stay close to our practices, and do our best to stay centred and patient if we feel this hot-headed fierce energy too strongly. Instead, we can choose to use the energy of this Aries Full Moon to find our courage, and empower ourselves to become the hero/heroine in our own lives.

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