a full moon and a steep mountain by dawn

Full Moon in Leo

By: Simona Schimanovich

Learn how to start following the cycle of the moon and tune into the natural rise and fall of energy each month. Our yoga practice allows us to return to a natural, relaxed, and inspired state so that we can take fresh energy in and release what no longer serves us. When we tune in to natural cycles, we can support this process further, which is why being aware of eclipses, full moons, and times of the day can help our practice.

During the Full Moon, the channels in our bodies are naturally more open. This means that on full moon days we feel the benefits of our practice more intensely and for longer than on a regular day. During the Full Moon, our breath and the subtle energy that travels in our body reaches deeper places, thus helping the absorption of nutrients. The power of the moon further facilitates the release of ‘waste energy’, stiffness, and mindsets that are no longer serving us.

Delight Yoga is now offering new Full Moon classes, both in Amsterdam and Den Haag, guided by Simona Schimanovich and Mariette de Kroon. In these full moon classes, you will experience a lunar flow and a special meditation tailored to the full moon theme each month.

Full Moon in Leo

The February full moon falls in Leo on Sunday, February 9th. Leo is a bold fire sign, known for embracing life with confidence and vigour. This full moon encourages us to celebrate our gifts and fully embrace sharing them with the world. It asks us to let go of the fears that keep us from expressing our passions. This Sunday, identify and celebrate all that makes you uniquely talented, and question what is holding you back from being bold with your gifts.

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