Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

By: Simona Schimanovich

The Full Moon Eclipse on 4/5th July will be the last in the current series of eclipses. We are in intense times, having just experienced three eclipses in only 5 weeks. Altogether 2020 brings us 6 eclipses, which is rare and points to the transformative power of this year.

Eclipses always amplify the energy of the new or full moon and bring a sense of intensity. In Vedic astrology, they are called Surya (sun) or Chandra (moon) Grahan and are seen as major events. Eclipses are said to be portals of transformation that take us back onto our true paths – sometimes through abrupt or sudden change. Their energy can be experienced months ahead of time.

Full Moons are about completion and release, and a Lunar Eclipse amplifies this, bringing closure of some sort. Falling into the Earth sign of Capricorn, this eclipse highlights our practical safety and the structures in our lives. On a collective level, Capricorn also symbolises structures of power such as governments, banks, or corporations.

It is in this sign that the major potent constellations of 2020 are taking place – linked to the profound transformations we are experiencing this year. Starting in January, three heavy-weight planets have been meeting here repeatedly: Saturn, the ruler of Karma and integrity, Pluto, bringer of deep transformation, and Jupiter, the planet of expansion.

These planetary alignments set the theme for the entire year: shaking us up and dissolving outdated structures. Around this Lunar Eclipse, we will experience strong Capricorn energy - with Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn all going retrograde in this sign.

We are also moving into a very dynamic second half of 2020 with Mars, the planet of action, just having come home into its warrior sign of Aries. It will stay there until the end of the year which is unusually long. This energy brings us drive to initiate, move forwards and start new projects - but be aware that it might also bring out anger and impulsive action in its lower expression.

While we are collectively going through a time of deconstructing the old paradigm, we can each use this lunar eclipse to let go of structures or rigidity that aren’t serving us. Capricorn is linked to career, ambition, determination and our higher purpose. This eclipse brings us a powerful opportunity to clear whatever is holding us back and come back into integrity where needed – so we can serve on a higher level.

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