Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

By: Simona Schimanovich

With the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius taking place on the 5th of June, we are entering into eclipse season!

Eclipses are said to bring profound transformation, opening a portal for accelerated evolution.

While we usually experience four eclipses a year, 2020 will feature six eclipses – highlighting the deep transformation we are going through this year. So fasten your seatbelts, the rollercoaster ride isn’t over... And when we come out on the other side of these first eclipses in July, we will feel completely renewed. There is no going back to the old ‘normal’ – instead, we are all being invited to co-create a new future in this potent time.

A lunar eclipse is like a supercharged full moon. Full moons represent a point of culmination, completion, and release. A lunar eclipse tends to bring us some type of closure, often in a sudden or abrupt way.

It returns us to our intended paths if we have strayed from them – whether we want this or not. Eclipse season is a time to surrender and trust that whatever might fall away in this time will be for our highest good.

While the sun is in the communicative sign of Gemini, which is all about sharing information, the full moon will be in the opposite sign of Sagittarius, a sign connected to freedom and our beliefs. With this lunar eclipse, new information might be revealed that could shake what we believed to be true.

Ruled by Jupiter, the fiery sign of Sagittarius is all about expansion. During this full moon, we might need to collectively ask ourselves: Where have we been excessive? In what ways have we lived beyond our means in a way that isn’t sustainable – with our finances, our health, or our planet? This full moon might bring clarity in how we can live with less. During these last few months, we have been asked to go back to basics in many ways – and discovered the happiness that lies in simplicity.

Use the energy of this lunar eclipse to let go of what isn’t serving you anymore. Please look after yourself in this intense time and make sure you stay connected to practices like yoga and meditation. The more we embrace this transformation, the more we will grow in this time.

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