Happy World Meditation Day from Delight Yoga

Happy World Meditation Day from Delight Yoga

By: Delight Yoga

On May 21st, the world celebrates meditation - the fragrance of yoga.

All yoga practices are a meditative act, transformation from an unfocused to focused mind, until the thought, action and the actor are one. There are many formal and informal techniques that lead to the meditative state of being; all of them being different means that they can suit individual cultures, stages in life or psychological inclinations.

Examples of such techniques that you might come across within yoga are:

  • Concentration meditation

  • Trataka meditation

  • Mantra meditation

  • Ishta Daiva meditation (meditation on personal deity)

  • Vipassana meditation

  • Anapana meditation

  • Chakra meditation

  • Mindfulness meditation

Those, and many others, differently defined and absorbed in different cultural settings, serve the sole purpose to calm the mind so the mind can reflect upon itself. That eventually results in greater clarity and awareness of ever-present consciousness.

Breathing Love Meditation

One of our teachers, Arno Nistal ten Veen, has kindly recorded a guided Breathing Love Meditation for you.

"Breathe your way to total relaxation in just thirty minutes. You will create a softening, relaxation, love, and trust through conscious and connected breaths. Open your breath, open your Heart." -Arno Nistal ten Veen

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