How to find Ease in Unease

How to find Ease in Unease

By: Kristin Vikjord

This life holds many truths, one of which is that we move through periods of unease. As referred to in the Yoga Sutras and in Buddhist philosophy, we know that there is suffering and chaos of the mind, that is of thoughts and emotions, as we move through life.

Luckily both ancient yogis and modern psychology hold experiential and science-based knowledge of how to empower ourselves, and how to increase resilience from within. And ultimately, how to find ease within ourselves despite times of unease

Here are 5 things to remember when you feel wrapped in unease

1. Acknowledge:

Acknowledging to yourself how you actually feel, is the starting point. And be unapologetic about how you feel. Your experience is your own, no one can define how you feel, or condition how you are supposed to think or act in any way.

2. Talk with someone:

Step two in acknowledging is sharing with others how you feel. Talk to someone; your close ones, family, or friends. But most importantly, don’t hesitate to seek help!

3. Awareness:

Seek to gain awareness on your situation, both with work on yourself, but also with the help of others. In seeking professional help, you get an objective perspective, which sometimes can be liberating and allow you to understand yourself differently, and more constructively.

4. Patience:

Be patient in your process, allow what needs to express to move through, and take the time it needs.

5. Kindness:

Be kind to yourself. Steer away from the inner critic, self-judgement, and trying to “fix it”. Be gentle and kind to your self, as you would with a loved one.

We can already gain so much in being more gentle with ourselves. And I believe strongly that increasing ease within supports us in relieving the inner unease.



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