How to work with August's New and Full Moon

By: Simona Schimanovich

We are in the middle of Leo season and August brings us some beautiful and powerful alignments.

The New Moon in Leo falls this year on the magical day of the Lionsgate Portal 88. This is a time of a lot of cosmic high-frequency energy coming our way and will make this new moon an especially potent time for manifesting, healing and spiritual practice.

Mid-month Uranus will join Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Retrograde. With all this retrograde energy we are asked to slow down, reflect and revisit the past before we proceed.

Just after this, the Full Moon falls for the second time in a row into the sign of Aquarius. Aquarian energy will be highlighted this month, also with Uranus its ruling planet being very active. We need to be prepared for surprises and sudden, unexpected events that are characteristic of this time as we are transitioning into a new paradigm.

August 8th - New Moon in Leo

We are in fiery Leo season! Falling into the middle of summer, this sign is ruled by the sun. August brings us the New Moon in majestic Leo.
Leo energy is creative and playful – it invites us to enjoy life fully and take the center stage. Like the sun that shines in all its glory without holding back, Leo invites us to own our power and shine our light boldly and unapologetically.
Represented by the powerful lion this sign is connected to royalty and leadership. Leo energy invites us to take the spotlight and connect to your inner Queen or King.
The energy of this Leo New Moon encourages each one of us to step into leadership in your own life. We are all leaders. Take a moment to ask yourself: How are you leading in your life? How are you inspiring others around you? Or how are you holding back your light?

Connected to the heart the sign of Leo empowers us to live with courage from the heart and embrace our full radiance. Truth is, we aren’t serving anyone by dimming our light, right?
This year the New Moon in Leo falls on the magical day of the Lionsgate Portal 88 on 8th August. This will make it a powerful day for manifesting and tapping into our creative energy.
On this New Moon Uranus will also be very active. The planet of Awakening and change likes to shake things up, to disrupt the old order so we can innovate and move into the future.
When things feel uncertain or unpredictable, remember that this is part of this powerful time of collective Awakening that we are moving through. Stay connected to your heart with the powerful energy of the Leo New Moon and set your intentions to lead with courage and shine your light brightly.
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August 22nd - Full Moon in Aquarius

2021 brings us not only one but two Full Moons in Aquarius in a row! The July and August Full Moon can be seen as working in tandem, with both shining a different light on the theme that unfolds. This second Full Moon in Aquarius in August might bring us a replay or a new insight into the story.
Since last year the sign of Aquarius has been getting more and more into focus. As we are said to be shifting into the Age of Aquarius, this energy is growing in importance and taking us into the future.
The sign of Aquarius represents the maverick that breaks away from the old in order to bring innovation and Awakening.
Ruled by the planet Uranus, the planet of electricity that likes to shake things up – bringing disruption and shocks. It is also connected to higher consciousness, Kundalini energy, and Third Eye activation.
Aquarian energy is progressive and advanced. It doesn’t move in linear ways – but brings sudden jumps and Quantum leaps – with the power to propel us collectively into a higher consciousness.
Under this Full Moon, we can break away from old, low vibrational patterns – and instead of following the crowd, move forward courageously creating our own path.

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